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VUCA is a unique advisory firm that specialises in supporting the not for profit sector, especially in the areas of aged care, community, disability, First Nations and health. Every advisor is committed to building the capacity and capability of our sector so they can thrive and achieve their mission; plus, each Director sits on at least one not for profit board, demonstrating their passion for the sector and its sustainability. That’s how the VUCA team know that cookie-cutter consulting approaches won’t work for the diverse organisations and Boards that make our sector so special. With their understanding of the current themes, challenges, and opportunities facing our sector, these advisors provide tailored advice that can lead to real action, ensuring clients have a positive, personalised experience.

CBB clients can access VUCA’s range of advisory services at preferential rates. Explore their services below.

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Strategic planning and facilitation

Solid strategies are key to achieving your social impact

Advisors help you establish strategies to drive organisational growth, paving a smoother road towards your social objectives. As strategy and planning specialists, they can work with you to reassess or refine your strategic objectives into achievable goals that enhance your social impact.

From their experience, advisors know the importance of revisiting strategic plans from time to time. Perhaps the market has changed or your internal resources need recalibration, or maybe you have reached the end of your plan period and need to transition to a new one. The team can build your capacity to develop well-informed objectives that elevate your social impact and inspire your team to excel.

Advisors can support strategic execution and implementation in the following areas: structural reform, stakeholder management, realigning financial and human resources, politics and policy, and crisis communications. Even if you just need an external perspective, our expert facilitators and are well-positioned to workshop strategy with your team.

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Board governance frameworks and policies

Effective Boards go above and beyond compliance

Guided by governance experts, Boards will gain an understanding of the interests of multiple constituencies and learn frameworks that can move the Board beyond just ensuring compliance to identifying opportunities for long-term value creation.

Advisors can review constitutions and policies, making recommendations on beneficial changes; they also support Boards to develop a strong Board charter and governance framework to guide and optimise activities; or provide best-practice advice on conflict resolution strategies that keep relationships and business harmonious.

VUCA is an approved provider of Board Performance Evaluation Services for the Commonwealth Government of Australia. 

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Board performance evaluation

Optimising Board and organisational outcomes through expert strategy

It’s important that your Board are working seamlessly together, otherwise you may miss opportunities to deliver on organisational objectives. Advisors will work with you to develop effective strategies and build a stronger, more resilient Board that can anticipate, meet, and overcome challenges. Of course, this work translates to better performance and a stronger impact for the communities you serve.

As an approved provider of Board Performance Evaluation Services for the Commonwealth Government of Australia, VUCA will work closely with your Board to recommend and support improvements in all areas of Governance, and implement preventative measures against Board burnout. Their rigorous approach ensures your Board is positioned and equipped to maximise performance and efficiency.  

Plus, you can engage their consulting expertise with remuneration reviews and learning and development plans to enhance the quality of your Board.

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Executive and Director recruitment

Ensuring the right fit for your organisation

There’s a lot of pressure on your organisation when recruiting for CEOs, Executive staff or Board members. Hiring the right candidate can mean the difference between moving onto bigger and better things, and falling short of your strategic objectives. Your advisor will take the pressure off of you, leaving you free to focus on your mission while the searching and vetting is taken care of.

In addition to their lived experience at Board and Director levels, the VUCA team use proprietary tools that measure individual and organisational ability to prosper in complex and unpredictable environments, helping you find a candidate that can fit with your culture and deliver on your mission. Their services in this space include confidential international CEO and NED research, succession planning, candidate due diligence, and extensive database and network search.

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Board and Director training

Keep your Board’s skills sharp with robust learning and development

VUCA’s expertise in governance and skill development come together in this service to provide a holistic learning experience for your Board members. Your advisor will assess existing expertise and skill gaps to tailor a package to your Board’s development needs.

Drawing on highly interactive, tailored, and engaging programs, VUCA will help your Board further develop the ability to confidently and collaboratively deal with difficult and unpredictable situations. Members will deepen their understanding of Board roles and responsibilities, and develop the strategic insight needed to serve effectively.

The wide array of potential topics include: the Board’s function, Board duties and responsibilities, Board culture, Board’s role in strategy, managing vs directing, Directors acting in good faith, governance principles, conflict of interest, risk oversight, VUCA principles for Boards, Board member duties related to finance, committees of Board, Board performance, Board skills, matters reserved for Board, and company secretary training.

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CEO and Executive appraisal and development

Optimising Executive and organisational outcomes

It’s important that your CEO and Executive are accountable and strong leaders with a clear vision; without these critical elements, your organisational objectives won’t be met. Advisors will work with you to develop effective strategies to build a stronger, more resilient Executive team that can successfully manage the organisation and deliver important community impacts.

Benefits of this service include strengthened relations between the Board and Executive, development of your team members’ skills and attributes via development and coaching, clarity and coherence of strategic direction, and insight into potential problems.

Plus, you can leverage their consulting expertise in CEO 360° Review, remuneration review, Chief Executive succession planning, coaching, and development plans. 

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Director E-Learning

The ultimate professional development platform for not for profit Directors.

Specifically developed as an online learning tool for emerging and practicing Directors, VUCA Director E-Learning is an affordable and accessible alternative to training offered by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

VUCA Director E-Learning includes six self-paced modules that a Director can complete in the first three weeks of their job to enhance their induction. The program provides around five hours of intensive training on duties, conflicts of interest, risk oversight, and the Board’s role in organisational strategy and culture.

Additionally, the tool’s holistic approach to developing knowledge on general Board practices makes it an effective tool for Board member inductions.

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Please note: existing CBB client organisations can access one user licence for free as part of our commitment to strengthening our sector. Just speak with your CBB Relationship Manager to get started.

First Nations governance and strategy

Governance that embraces both culture and regulation

Our advisors have supported some of the most prominent Aboriginal Australian leaders in the not for profit sector with governance advice. Every time, our advisors’ key focus is to find the balance between Aboriginal governance and ASIC-style governance, weaving together the organisation’s identity and integrity with regulatory best-practice.

Using over 25 years of experience, our advisors will support you to develop or improve governance and Board strategy, policies, frameworks, and organisational review practices. We can also provide training and workshops on matters such as strategic planning, risk management, finance management, and Board skills to ensure the Board and Executive are equipped to tackle any challenges.

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NDIS advisory

Deliver competitive NDIS services sustainably

icons to represent two people meeting to set a goal, taking steps and then reaching the goal

Years after its rollout, the NDIS still presents unprecedented opportunities, but these are often overshadowed by challenges and uncertainty. Many providers find it difficult to navigate the system’s many portals, processes, and requirements while delivering quality services to people with disability and managing the other aspects of their business.

With VUCA’s help, you can thrive in the NDIS. Their team of NDIS experts are fluent in business models, auditing requirements, pricing models, and the quality and safeguarding framework; these services are designed to help you refine and optimise your organisation for maximum impact and viability. Plus, the team are ready to support you in the implementation of new policies and procedures to align with the Disability Royal Commission.

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Career transition services

Together, we look after your employees throughout their employment journey. By offering salary packaging and professional development opportunities, we support your people to fulfil their potential and make an impact for the communities they love to serve.

If a difficult situation arises where you have to move some people on, we can help you to manage their transition. VUCA’s tailored, personalised, empathetic and responsive approach prioritises the mental health and overall wellbeing of your people.

A Career Transition or Outplacement program involves multiple sessions designed to focus on the individual’s specific requirements. Here, your employees are supported and empowered to initiate an efficient return to the workforce.

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People strategy

People StrategyEnsure a pro-active people approach to identifying, developing and retaining talent.

The following 3 services work hand in hand to deliver on the future needs of your organisation. This addresses the No.1 pain point for most organisations, particularly in a not-for-profit sector, and reduces organisational risk through a structured people strategy.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning involves aligning the future business needs of your organisation with your employee’s current and potential capability to deliver on this. It involves analysing your current workforce and taking steps to prepare for future staffing needs.  This is a key strategic imperative to align your Board, Executive and employees to be prepared for future workforce needs.

Succession Planning

Succession planning seeks to identify the critical roles within an organisation as well as the pool of available and developing talent to fill these roles.

It is a targeted strategy designed to minimise risk and maintain business continuity by ensuring the depth of skills and knowledge across the organisation.

Talent Management

Talent Management works alongside succession planning through a commitment to developing the future capability of your organisation to deliver on strategic objectives. This takes a systematic approach, utilising consistent tools to identify and manage the careers of high potential employees.

The benefits of managing talent, in a conscious and structured manner, means that your organisation takes measured steps to ensure it has the right people with the right capabilities ready for critical roles in the future.

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Risk Management

Risk ManagementRisk Management capability

Advisors help you establish what your organisation requires relating to Risk Management. It is a critical piece of governance that must fit with your strategies that drive organisational growth, paving a smoother road towards your social objectives.

As risk management specialists, advisors can work with you to reassess or refine your risk management framework, help set your risk appetite and ensure you have a risk matrix and reporting in place to enable you to achieve your objectives and goals as an organisation.

From their experience, advisors know the importance of reviewing risk management frameworks periodically. Perhaps your organisation has changed during COVID or your internal resources need recalibration, or maybe you haven’t got the risk framework finished and need help with implementation.

The team at VUCA can assist you to develop a well-informed risk management framework that ensures you can implement your strategies and mitigate and manage your risks as a business.

Even if you just need an external perspective, our expert facilitators are well-positioned to workshop any aspect of risk management with your team.

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Meet the VUCA Trusted Advisors

Christine Locher

CEO & Executive performance review
Board performance evaluation
Executive & Director recruitment

David Spear

First Nations strategy
Board & Director training
Board performance evaluation

Marlene Elliott

Customer experience
Board performance evaluation
Marketing & business development

Paul Geyer

Board governance frameworks
Strategic planning & facilitation
Board performance evaluation

Kevin Osborn

Board governance frameworks
M&A advice
Executive coaching & mentoring

Greg Connor

Strategic planning & facilitation
Executive coaching & mentoring
First Nations strategy

Paul Bell

Executive & Director recruitment
Career transition
Remuneration review

Susan Bates

Change management
Leadership development
Resilience & wellbeing

Peter Ali

Executive coaching & mentoring
Strategic planning & facilitation
CEO & Executive performance review
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