There's more to salary packaging

Benefit from salary packaging like never before with exclusive rewards and discounts. You can even package the latest electronic devices, and relax in style with an airport lounge membership. Find out more below.

CBB Rewards Club

If you salary package with CBB, you can join the CBB Rewards Club for free. It’s that simple!

With CBB Rewards Club, you’ll enjoy sensational offers from thousands of your favourite local businesses, plus exclusive access to services and products throughout Australia including:

  • Food and dining discounts for cafes, restaurants, pubs and takeaway outlets
  • Discounted Coles, Woolworths and Caltex gift cards
  • Discounted movie vouchers
  • Tickets to shows, concerts, expos, festivals and sporting events with priority seating and discounts
  • Fitness and lifestyle special offers
  • Up to 80% off online retail shopping

For more information about the CBB Rewards Club, including how to register and start saving, visit the CBB Rewards Club section our FAQs page.

For all purchase enquiries, please contact CBB Rewards Club administrators on 1300 857 787 or via email at [email protected].

Download the CBB Rewards Club brochure

Access CBB Rewards Club website

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Laptop, tablet and telephone on a wooden desk

Electronic device packaging

Electronic devices that are portable and battery powered can be packaged on top of your standard salary packaging limit.

You can package any portable electronic device as long as it is used predominantly for work-related purposes.

Having the latest technology can not only help you be more productive, it can also save you hundreds of dollars in tax each year!

Devices you can package include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Laptops (not including software)
  • Portable printers
  • Phones and tablets
  • Smart watches

Download the Electronic device packaging brochure

Airline lounge memberships

Community Business Bureau (CBB) is proud to partner with Corporate Traveller in order to provide our customers with significant discounts on airline lounge memberships and joining fees.

Plus, if you travel for work at least once in an FBT year, you are able to claim the cost of an airline lounge membership tax-free! Benefits include:

  • Get great discounts off the regular price of Qantas and Virgin airline lounge memberships and joining fees through Corporate Traveller
  • Airline lounge memberships can be used for both business-related and personal travel
  • Claiming back the cost of an airline lounge membership tax-free means more savings and more money in your pocket!

Download the Airline lounge memberships brochure

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Beyond Bank staff member serving a customer in a wheelchair

Partner offer

Beyond Bank

Beyond Bank is a 100% customer-owned bank who genuinely cares about the community. CBB partners with Beyond Bank as our salary packaging card provider because they offer a quality service with values that align with our own.

As a CBB salary packaging customer, you are entitled to the following offers and incentives through Beyond Bank’s Community Rewards Program*:

  • Higher returns on savings, no monthly account keeping fees and bonus interest on standard Term Deposits
  • No application fees on car or personal loans
  • Access to a Purple Transactor Account with no monthly fees and unlimited free deposits, withdrawals and transfers
  • $750 if you transfer your home loan to Beyond Bank

For more information on our partnership with Beyond Bank, visit the Our partners page.

* Terms, conditions, fees, charges and approval criteria apply. Full terms, conditions, fees and charges are available in the Product Guide and Fees and Charges booklets on the Beyond Bank website. Please visit for more information and to determine whether these products are right for you.


These benefits are subject to your organisation’s salary packaging policy.