Who we are

Community Business Bureau (CBB) is a not for profit social enterprise that provides salary packaging and business consulting services to over 600 not for profit organisations across Australia.

Our values

We understand that not for profits need to focus on effective organisational management and social impact in order to deliver sustainable social change. We are committed to building the business capability of the not for profit sector, so that your organisation functions effectively. We proudly share similar values with our clients, who we work with as partners in achieving long term, sustainable, social justice outcomes. We are ethical in our dealings with clients and stakeholders, and we deliver services that reflect our corporate and personal values:


We shall show respect for the feelings, wishes and/or rights of colleagues, clients and the wider community.


We shall be professionally and personally ethical, honest and consistent, with strong moral principles at all times.


Staff will be skilled, expert, client-oriented and innovative in delivering outstanding and personalised customer service.


We will resource and empower not for profit organisations to enhance their strength, capacity and sustainability and to be in control of their decision-making.

Service standards

As a customer of CBB, you can expect the following standard of service from us:

  • We will respect you as an individual at all times, and offer a personalised service.
  • We provide a confidential service. Our Privacy policy describes how we look after your personal information.
  • Our staff are committed to meeting your needs effectively and in a professional and courteous manner.
  • We will respond to all correspondence within two business days. If we are not able to resolve your query within two days, we will keep you informed of its progress whilst we work towards a solution.
  • All salary packaging calls are recorded for quality assurance and coaching purposes and we keep a record of any follow up actions that we have agreed with you.

Tell us what you think

CBB is committed to continuously improving the products we offer to our customers, as well as our customer service. We want to hear what you think, and what you need from us as a service provider. We value all feedback, compliments, complaints and suggestions about CBB and our service. Your feedback increases our knowledge and understanding of your needs, so we can respond to them more effectively.

We measure and improve the quality of our service by:

  • An annual customer survey, for salary packaging customers to provide feedback on our service
  • A quarterly survey of new salary packaging customers, to get their feedback on their experience of setting up their salary packaging arrangements with CBB
  • Quality assurance checks on major consulting projects
  • Providing quality training and coaching for our staff
  • Internal systems that measure our performance, with performance results reported to our Executive Team and Board
  • Recognising our employees for customer service excellence

Our complaints policy ensures complaints are registered and handled appropriately and escalated where required. All complaints are taken seriously, identifying the root cause, providing suitable resolution and notifying our Executive Team and/or the Board where required.

Contact us

Feedback and complaints can be referred to CBB through any of the below channels:


Our Customer Care Team is available between 8.30am and 6.30pm (Adelaide time) Monday to Friday.
Call: 1300 763 505 (Option 2)


Email us 24/7 and you’ll receive a response within two business days.
Email: [email protected]

Face to face

Visit our office for a confidential discussion.
Address: 17 Phillips Street, Kensington SA 5068