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Time to upgrade your car?

Access a novated lease on top of your salary packaging for even more tax savings.

Save thousands on your next car...

Considering buying a new, ex-demo, or used car? Good news: with a novated lease*, you can save thousands on your next vehicle (and the running costs, too – but we’ll talk about that in a moment).

Novated leasing is a car finance option approved by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) where your repayments are calculated using the perfect mix of your pre-tax and post-tax dollars, helping you maximise your tax savings as you won’t pay any fringe benefits tax. A novated lease gives you access to fleet pricing, and the vehicle is financed with no GST, saving you even more money.

Your novated lease can also include car accessories: a towbar, a roof rack, floor mats, and even window tinting. By now, the savings are starting to really add up!

The best part? You can access a novated lease in addition to your salary packaging.

... and on your running costs!

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you: a novated lease can include your running costs, too. Imagine the relief of knowing these costs are already budgeted for – no more big financial surprises when you suddenly have to pay for servicing or new tyres on top of your car loan. It’s just one less thing to worry about!

Using an ATO-approved mix of your pre-tax and post-tax dollars, you’ll make one regular payment that covers your:

  • Fuel
  • Registration and insurance
  • Repairs, tyres and maintenance
  • Roadside assistance membership

*Accessing a novated lease is subject to your organisation’s salary packaging policy.

Running the numbers

In 5 years, you could save over $5,000 on your car and running costsLet’s say you:

  • Earn a $60,000 annual salary
  • Purchase a medium-sized $30,000 car
  • Estimate your average annual driving distance to be 20,000km
  • Choose a five year novated lease
  • Continue to salary package as normal for the lease term.

† Based on the parameters described above, in five years you could save over $5,000 on your car and running costs. Don’t forget that’s in addition to your extra take-home pay through salary packaging.


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Novated leasing - frequently asked questions

We answer the most commonly asked questions about novated leasing.

With a Novated Lease, your car must always be comprehensively insured. When we supply you with a lease proposal, we will include the cost to insure the car through our Fleet Policy. We will also supply you with the details and additional features of the policy.

You can then make your own decision of whether you want to insure through our Fleet Policy or whether you insure through your own insurer. If you choose your own insurer, we can still include the premium amount of your policy however you will need to pay your own premium and seek a reimbursement for the expense. The reimbursement will occur once we have received sufficient funds from your salary deductions.

More details about the reimbursement process will be in your Welcome Kit.

In the unfortunate event that your car is ‘written off’ by your insurer, your Novated Lease arrangement will need to be finalised with the financier.

Should your insurance policy have a replacement clause that is still valid, your insurance company will work with you to replace your ‘written off’ car with a new one. There will be some documentation to complete with the financier when this occurs.

If the replacement clause is not applicable or valid, should the car value that is determined by the insurance company be less than the payout figure from the financier, you will be responsible for the payment of the difference. This is commonly referred to as the GAP or shortfall amount.

If you are insured through our Fleet Policy and our insurer approves the insurance claim, the difference between the value of the car paid by the insurer and the payout figure is completely covered. If the insurer does not approve the claim, you will be responsible for the payment of the full payout figure to the financier. Please refer to the insurance documentation supplied when you start your Novated Lease or request a copy from us.

If you have insured the car through your own insurance policy, should there be a GAP or shortfall amount after the insurer has determined the value of the car, you will be responsible for the payment of the shortfall amount to the financier.

If your insurer does not approve the claim, you will be responsible for the payment of the payout figure to the financier.

There are no restrictions on who can drive your car however you should check with your insurance provider to ensure that all drivers are covered by your insurance policy.

Also, please note that your insurance provider may have excess adjustments due to age and experience of the driver.

We will arrange for a fuel card to be sent to your postal address. The card will enable you to refuel your car at any fuel outlet, it is not restricted to certain fuel brands.

Details of what happens between when your lease starts and you receive your fuel card is contained in your Welcome Kit.

When your car is due for a scheduled service, just speak with your local dealer/service centre to make an appointment. Be cautious that where you arrange your service does not impact the manufacturer warranty on your car (if applicable).

You need to ask the dealer/service centre whether they accept payment through the fuel card that we provide you. If they don’t accept the card as payment, before you take the car to them, have them contact us to make payment arrangements.

We continually monitor your account to ensure that you are travelling in accordance with your original estimates. We do this by tracking your odometer reading (from when you refuel your car or when you get your car serviced) and your actual expenses against what is deducted from your pay.

We supply you with regular statements of your account and if we identify that your pay deductions need an amendment, we will be in direct contact with you to discuss.

You are the registered owner of your car and the registration and CTP (if applicable) renewal notices are sent to your postal address. The regulatory body, e.g. VicRoads, Queensland Transport, SA Government, etc., usually send you the renewal notice about 1 month before the expiry date.

When you receive the renewal notice(s), you have 2 options:

  1. Send us the renewal notice(s) for us to pay them directly to the regulatory body. We will only pay directly if the due date for renewal is more than 10 days later.
  2. Pay the renewal directly and seek a reimbursement from us for the amount paid.

The process for these payments is contained in your Welcome Kit.

If you leave your employer, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you need to advise us immediately. Your Novation Agreement with your employer is terminated immediately and you become directly responsible for all payments from that moment on.

The payments include those to the financier as well as all your car running costs.

We will immediately cancel your fuel card and the insurance policy if you are part of our Fleet Policy.

If you are changing employers, your new employer may allow you to transfer the lease to a new Novation Agreement with them.

We will also reconcile your lease account and calculate the balance on your lease account. If there is a surplus of funds received from your pay over what we have paid out, we will refund the surplus to you via your employer’s payroll. If we have spent more than we have received from your pay, we will bill you for the balance payable, which you will need to pay to us straight away.

There is additional information in your Welcome Kit and you can also contact our Customer Care team on 1300 763 505 for any further information or guidance.

Three months prior to the end of the lease term, we will contact you to remind you that the end of your lease term is approaching and outline the various options that are available to you.

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