About us

Established in 1995, CBB (Community Business Bureau Inc.) is a national social enterprise committed to helping not for profits achieve their social objectives. We do this by providing personalised, professional and cost-effective services focused on building capacity and enhancing sustainability. Those services are salary packaging and business consulting.

We channel our surplus profits back into the sector through our Community Development Program, which includes grants, scholarships and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

We also make available to our clients a range of products and services through our partners, such as superannuation and novated leasing.

CBB is headquartered in Adelaide, with offices across Australia. Our clients are located in all states and territories, in metro areas, as well as regional and remote areas.

Our values

CBB staff will always be ethical in our dealings with clients and stakeholders. We shall offer and deliver our services in a manner which reflects strong commitment to the following values:

  • Respect: Due regard for the feelings, wishes, and/or rights of others.
  • Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
  • Service: The action of helping or doing work for someone.
  • Empowerment: The authority or power to do something: Enabling someone to be stronger and more confident, and in control of their life and their decision-making.

View our Customer Service Charter.