Thank you for choosing to salary package with CBB. There are two ways to sign up for salary packaging.

Option 1: Online application

This option is ideal if you:

  1. Have salary packaged before.
  2. Know what you want to do with the salary packaging funds.
  3. Want all funds to be paid to one location (either salary packaging card, mortgage, rent or personal loan payment).

If this is you, simply fill out the form below.

Once our team has reviewed your application, they will send your sign up documents (via DocuSign) to your email address. Once you have completed your documents, you can get started with salary packaging!

Before you get started you will need to know:

  1. Your gross income.
  2. Determine how much you would like to salary package per pay (see table further down the page for guidance)
  3. What you’d like to do with your salary packaging funds.

You can discover more about salary packaging and watch our video for a reminder of your options.


Complete the online application form

Option 2: Speak to a consultant

Our 30 minute sign-up appointments are available to anyone setting up their salary packaging – we recommend this option if you are uncertain or have not salary packaged before – our consultants will guide you through the process.
During your appointment, we’ll talk you through how salary packaging affects your take-home pay and the different options and inclusions available to you.

Please note: If you want to split your salary packaging funds across different payments, you must select this option. For example, if you want to pay 50% of your salary packaging funds onto your mortgage and the other 50% onto a salary packaging card, you need to arrange a sign-up appointment so that we can ensure your payments are set up correctly.

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Estimate how much extra take-home pay you'll receive

(before tax)

Your Results:

Net Income without
salary packaging:
Net Income with
salary packaging included:
Potential benefit: $0
per year

Your annual HECS/HELP repayment

If you choose to start salary packaging with CBB, you need to ask your payroll team to deduct your HECS/HELP debt repayment of


Please note that we have based this estimate on the information you provided, we can talk to you about this more at your sign-up appointment.

1) All figures entered are yearly.
2) This calculator has been designed for use by Public Benevolent Institutions (PBIs) and Health Promotion Charities (HPCs) only.
3) Calculations exclude any tax offsets

Online application form

Not sure how much you can package?

Use the table below to work out your maximum salary packaging or meal entertainment and holiday accommodation benefit. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Work out how many pays you have left before the end of the FBT Year (which ends 30 March every year). The table below shows values for fortnightly pays, so if you get paid weekly, just halve the number of pays and the figure you enter into the form above.
  2. Match this to the figure in column one and work across the row to figure out the maximum amount you can salary package.
  3. Review your pay slip:
    • If your gross pay is less than the figure in the table, enter the gross pay as stated on your payslip.
    • If your gross pay is more than the figure in the table, enter the full amount in the table. If this is the case you may also want to consider taking advantage of the meal entertainment and holiday accommodation benefit.
  4. If you want a Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card, simply move across to the next column and repeat the process.
Number of pays left before 30 March Maximum you can salary packaging Maximum you can put on a Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card
26 $611.50 $101.92
25 $635.96 $106.00
24 $662.45 $110.41
23 $691.26 $115,21
22 $722.68 $120.45
21 $757.09 $126.19
20 $794.95 $132.50
19 $836.78 $139.47
18 $883.27 $147.22
17 $935.23 $155.88
16 $993.68 $165.62
15 $1059.93 $176.66
14 $1135.64 $189.28
13 $1,223.00 $203.84
12 $1324,97 $220.83
11 $1,445.36 $240.90
10 $1,589.90 $265.00
9 $1,766.55 $294.44
8 $1,987.37 $331.25
7 $2,271.28 $378.57
6 $2,649.83 $441.66
5 $3,179.80 $530.00
4 $3,974.75 $662.50
3 $5,299.66 $883.33
2 $7,949.50 $1325.00
1 $15,899.00 $2,650.00

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