Why you should salary package

Salary packaging is the easiest way to increase your income without working longer hours. Salary packaging is the ATO approved way for employees to purchase goods and services with tax-free dollars. Salary packaging is an easy, cost-effective way to increase your take home pay by 6-12%  and pay less income tax.

Employees of eligible not for profit organisations can salary package a maximum of $15,899 tax free each FBT year. These tax free dollars can cover regular payments like mortgage, rent, and utilities, or be directed towards or be directed towards a salary packaging card to use for your day to day purchases.

How much extra take home pay will you get?

Your exact additional take home pay will depend on your annual salary. This table shows the financial benefits for different salaries. If you’re after a more precise estimate, try using our salary packaging calculator.

Table showing the amounts you'll take home if you salary package

What can I spend my money on?

Your salary packaged funds can be used to take care of regular payments such as: mortgage and rent payments, personal loan or credit card repayments.  In fact, if you can provide acceptable proof of debt and the payments can be made electronically, then the payment can usually be set up.

You can also take care of general living expenses with a CBB Salary Packaging Card. Yes, that includes groceries, petrol, and other household goods – just imagine how much money you could save by using tax free dollars!

Green outline icons of a house, car, credit cards and shopping trolley

How do I pay less tax?

Our experienced team take care of the salary packaging process, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits. Here’s how we make it happen:

  1. Your payroll team sends your tax-free income to CBB.
  2. You let us know which regular payments you would like us to pay with your tax-free income. Alternatively, you can have us put it straight on a CBB Salary Packaging Card for use wherever Visa is accepted.
  3. You only pay tax on what’s left of your income. Because you pay less tax, you end up with more take home pay. Between 6-12% more, to be exact!

The diagram below shows how it works – or you can watch this short video.


Want to save even more on tax each year?  Then look at these additional salary packaging products…

Group of 4 young people eating pizza at a restaurant

Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accomodation Card

Want to use tax-free dollars to maximise your travel, lifestyle and leisure?

The ATO-approved CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card allows you to salary package meals, accommodation expenses and venue hire using tax-free dollars. This provides you with an additional $2,650 tax free per year, saving you even more on tax.

Use your CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card in Australia and overseas to pay for:

  • Dining out at restaurants, cafés and hotels.
  • Food and beverages for special occasions, such as birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries.
  • Holiday accommodation such as luxury resorts, apartments, hotels, motels, budget cabins, on-site caravans, and even cruises.
  • Venue hire for events.

Download our Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation brochure

Remote Area Benefit

Remote Area Benefit is a tax concession from the Australian Federal Government which allows eligible employees to claim up to 50% of certain expenses associated with living and working in a remote location, as well as some travel costs. This benefit is on top of the standard salary packaging benefit that employees of Public Benevolent Institutions (PBIs) receive.

To be eligible for Remote Area Benefit you must:

  • live in and work for an organisation defined by the ATO as a remote area;
  • be renting or paying the mortgage on the property in which you live in the remote area.

Download the Remote Area Benefit brochure

Woman accepting keys for a car

Novated leasing

Want to pay for your new car with tax-free dollars?

If you are considering a new or late model car, a novated lease could save you thousands in acquisition and running costs. This benefit is in addition to your standard salary packaging amount, enabling you to save even more tax each year!

What is a novated lease?

A novated lease is a three-way agreement between an employer, an employee and a vehicle leasing company whereby the employer deducts recurring payments from the employee’s gross salary. These payments are made with pre-tax dollars, helping you save a substantial amount on the vehicle costs. Better yet, you can package your total running costs to save even more.

Importantly, novated leasing allows you to salary package the car of your choice- you can select the make, model and colour that you want.

Download our Novated leasing brochure


Additional benefits and rewards

Employees that salary package with CBB can access money-saving rewards, memberships, and discounts.