If you salary package with CBB, you’d know that it presents great benefits all year round. There’s extra money in your pay, less income tax, and the option to cover routine payments with tax-free funds – but it also unlocks a range of other time and money-saving benefits. One of the most flexible ways to make the most of your salary packaging is to have your funds loaded onto a CBB Salary Packaging card. You can also get a CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation card, which lets you pay for most meals, drinks, and accommodation – or join the CBB Rewards Club, which provides our salary packaging customers with discounted gift vouchers and exclusive deals at retailers and service providers all over Australia.

In other words, salary packaging can help you save money on pretty much anything that you regularly buy, and this is especially useful in the lead up to the festive season (a.k.a. arguably the most expensive time of the year!). There are many ways that salary packaging can stretch your dollars even further, so here are some ideas to help you save on celebrations, gifts, and getaways!

With a CBB Salary Packaging card, you can use tax-free dollars to:

  • Purchase ingredients at the supermarket for whatever dishes you’re making for the family do.
  • Purchase gifts for loved ones (from anywhere VISA is accepted).
  • Do a bit of online shopping to spoil yourself or someone special (as long as the store accepts VISA).
  • Fill up on fuel before heading off on an adventure.
  • Pay for plane tickets if you’re travelling these holidays.

With a CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation card, you can use tax-free dollars to:

  • Gather friends or family for a festive season lunch at your favourite café.
  • Ring in the New Year at any restaurant, pub, club, or bistro.
  • Get back to nature and book a campsite for an overnight trip.
  • Pay for accommodation at a resort, apartment, hotel, motel, or cabin and explore your own backyard.

With a free CBB Rewards Club membership, you can:

  • Buy discounted electronic gift cards for someone who could use a little retail therapy – there’s everything from Myer to BCF to Booktopia – or buy them for yourself to save on your gift shopping.
  • Treat the foodie in your life to a Best Restaurants gift card, delivered straight to their email inbox.
  • Take a group to the cinemas and save on electronic movie tickets ($5 off the RRP at Hoyts!).

FYI: CBB Rewards Club discounts are anywhere from 2%-10%, depending on the deals available.

If you’re not salary packaging, it’s not too late to sign up before the festive season gets into full swing. Book a sign-up appointment where a member of the CBB team will chat to you about the benefits available, how to access them, and how much better off you’ll be (taking student debt and child support into consideration, if applicable).

To add the CBB Salary Packaging card or the CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation card to your account, simply email us at [email protected]. Find more information about the CBB Rewards Club and how to sign up here.