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10 ways salary packaging will change your employees' lives

Salary packaging sounds too good to be true, but in crunching the numbers - it is actually a no-brainer and a fantastic employee value-add within the not for profit sector. Couldn't be happier with my experience to date.


When it comes to looking after their staff, health promotion charities and public benevolent institutions have an advantage: their employees are eligible to salary package.

As an employer, you want to do right by your staff. After all, they are the people that work hard to create an impact, bring in revenue, and interface with clients or consumers. A simple and inexpensive way to add even more value to employment at your organisation is by offering salary packaging, an ATO-approved tax incentive.

With the help of testimonials from our customers, we’ve created a list of 10 ways that salary packaging can change the lives of your employees. Let’s do it.

If you asked a group of people on the street about their key motivators for working, most of them would say they do it to provide a good life for their family. Salary packaging has successfully helped many of our customers to contribute more to family expenses and activities.

I can do so much more with my family now with the extra money.


I have more money in my pocket which has taken the pressure off my family's financial position.


Plus, many employees in the sector have family at home – or even overseas – that rely on them for financial support. The extra take-home pay can go towards dependants, making a huge difference to their household budget.

I'm financially much better off. I wish I had done this before. I can support parents and family much better back home. Thank you so much.


We also hear from single parents, who say the extra money makes all the difference.

As a single mother, salary packaging has been a life saver. When I would usually pay more than half my weekly salary to rent after tax, having salary packaging has definitely helped financially and taken a lot of stress off me.


As a single mother it means I am relieved of financial stress. As a casual worker it smooths out the financial bumps.


What’s your favourite way to recharge? Do you head off on a weekend getaway? A shopping spree? Maybe have dinner at your favourite restaurant?

For many people, that’s a ‘yes’ to all of the above!

However, this kind of expense is simply out of reach or hard to justify when other costs need to be taken care of. That’s why salary packaging provides a handy workaround: the Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation card lets our customers cover the cost of dining out, accommodation, and special occasions with tax-free dollars.

Salary packaging gives us more money to spend on holidays. The Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation card gives us more opportunities to eat out and have family time.


I use the card when I go out for special occasions. It has been good when going away and paying for accommodation. It helps me put money away for this without really thinking about it.


Plus, enjoying our leisure time can be key to positive mental health; it’s important that we look after ourselves. Salary packaging provides the freedom and flexibility to do just that.

It’s a blessing in disguise because I now have some extra funds to spend on myself.


It’s a great feeling to pay the bills on time and still have money left over to save for something special.


Just like you, your team have many routine costs – mortgage, rent, electricity bills, loan repayments – why not make it easier (and cheaper) to pay them?

When you salary package with CBB, your staff tell our staff where they would like their payments to go, and then they can sit back and relax – or “set and forget!”  Plus, your staff can make changes to where their tax-free money is paid, and we don’t charge them to change it from time to time; it can be done online with a simple form through our Customer Portal or via our Customer Care team.

It means my rent is paid on time. It is a huge stress taken off as I never get the “you’re late” phone call anymore. My landlord is happy too as it's consistent and punctual.


Having these costs taken care of equates to a few less things to worry about, and it eliminates the risk of forgetting about a bill, which can lead to overdue fees or even the loss of a utility.

I feel far more confident in my financial position, knowing that the funds are there to pay my rent. This peace of mind is fabulous.


It has made it easier to know that my payments are made every fortnight and not having to worry.


So many not for profit employees say that salary packaging helps them stay with their current employer, so that they can continue doing the work they enjoy. As you can imagine, this provides a sense of stability and helps them access the benefits that longer term employment provides, such as long service leave and mortgage eligibility.

In fact, our 2020 Annual Customer Survey asked our customers about the impact of salary packaging on their careers. 81% said that the availability of salary packaging influenced their decision to accept their current role, while 85% of respondents said that their salary packaging influences their decision to stay with their current employer.

I enjoy working in the NFP sector, but if it wasn't for salary packaging, it would be a job role that I could not consider.


I am much more likely to stay in this industry, it has increased my job satisfaction. My longest employment has been with my current employer.


I am grateful for salary packaging, as it enables me to stay within the industry I love.


Not for profit staff tend to earn less than their counterparts in the for profit or government sectors, but they don’t actually deserve to earn less: it’s not like they don’t work as hard!

Salary packaging exists to offset this disparity, so as an eligible organisation, you have the opportunity to help your team bridge the gap.

The ability to package takes my pay from average for the industry to a little over!


Salary packaging significantly improved my financial position beyond what it would be even if I worked at a for-profit on a higher income.


Every now and then, we need to upgrade a car. CBB offers novated leasing to salary packaging customers, bringing their next vehicle within reach.

In fact, a new car is typically safer to drive, which can reduce stress from those concerns. Plus, it can help them to be more reliable for customers and clients.

I likely wouldn’t be able to afford my new car if I wasn't able to engage with a novated lease.


If I didn't have salary packaging, I would have an older car, probably less reliable. And I couldn't afford the NRMA membership if I were stranded. I often drive on winding, mountainous terrain and isolated farm roads, and having my salary packaged vehicle gives me peace of mind.


We all want to feel like we’re working towards our goals and aspirations in life, and salary packaging has helped many CBB customers to get that much closer to their dreams. Whether they aspire to gain higher education…

As a lower income earner, it allows me to put more into my savings and will allow me to earn more when I go back to university next year.


… grow their family…

I’m able to pay off IVF treatments without a huge impact on our weekly budget.


… or plan for a more secure future, salary packaging is a great way to take care of the financials involved in living our lives to the fullest.

Salary packaging is helping me pay off my mortgage faster, which will then allow me to concentrate on building my super for my future retirement. As an ageing woman, I don't want to be still paying off a mortgage when I retire, so salary packaging is helping me to achieve my goals.


Salary packaging customers found that their extra funds were a blessing when COVID-19 hit. It provided valuable relief from the unfolding economic crisis, especially when some families were left with less income.

Using salary packaging to manage our mortgage has been extremely valuable, particularly this year during COVID when times have been financially tougher through a loss of income in the family.


It certainly has made our life easier in this difficult year.


Given the uncertainty of 2020 having the take home pay benefit of packaging available has made a significant financial difference.


Most people will accumulate some form of debt, from student loans to mortgages, but it can drag us down and leave us feeling restricted in what we can afford. So, it’s always preferable to pay it off sooner rather than later.

Salary packaging has made a huge difference, I pay extra on my mortgage each week, and I'm slowly getting on top of my credit card debts, which is a great help.


We have been able to pay off our personal loan in under 24 months. This has dramatically reduced our financial stress.


Besides, if the last 18 months has shown us anything, it’s the importance of being prepared to deal with whatever the world throws our way. Salary packaging can help counter the financial liabilities that can arise from unexpected challenges.

Due to salary packaging, I was able to wipe out short term debt (from a period of unemployment) much quicker than would otherwise have been possible. Now, I am able to save for holidays and look forward to a much brighter future.


This one speaks for itself, but it is hands down the most compelling reason to salary package. Who doesn’t want an ATO-approved way to pay less tax and take home more money?

It adds over $5,000 per year in my pocket.


I take home around $140 extra per fortnight, I don’t know why more people don’t do it.


Or as this happy customer eloquently put it…

More money in my pocket! Yay!


There you have it: 10 life-changing benefits of salary packaging.

As an employer, you can offer this peace of mind to your staff. To find out more about salary packaging with CBB or to add new benefits for your staff, contact your local Relationship Manager.

We’d like to thank our CBB customers for the kind words and helpful feedback you take the time to provide.

All testimonials have been taken with permission from our Annual Customer Feedback Survey 2020. Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.



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