After the chaos of 2020, it’s high time to relax and enjoy the festive season with family and friends. Luckily, your CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card can cover some of your celebratory expenses. Whether you’re setting off on a holiday or catching up with extended family in the lead up to Christmas, there are savings to be had!

Here’s a breakdown of the costs you can package with your CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card this festive season. You can use your card to:
  • Purchase professional catering and drinks services for celebrations and events.
  • Pay for food and beverages at restaurants, cafes, and hotels.
  • Pay for takeaway and delivery meals, including UberEats, Menulog, and Deliveroo. Only valid if the vendor offered dining-in prior to COVID-19 government restrictions (inclusion only valid until 31 March 2021).
  • Hire a venue for celebrations or events.
  • Purchase accommodation for your trip or holiday, including resorts, apartments, hotels, motels, cabins, and caravans.

These are all great ways to maximise your salary packaging while celebrating with loved ones. It will also help to reduce your card balance for the end of FBT year (31 March 2021). Just remember to keep your receipts!

However, there are some restrictions on the CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card. You cannot use your card to:
  • Attend cabarets, musicals, concerts, movies, theatre, sporting events, or participate in gambling, or other similar forms of entertainment.
  • Pay for flights, in-flight meals, and other travel expenses like parking or dry cleaning.
  • Hire a DJ, jukebox, band, or other similar forms of entertainment (even if included with venue hire, food or beverage purchases).
  • Pay for food shopping or bottle shop purchases.

If you don’t already have a CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation card, here’s some good news: it’s not too late to sign up to receive one before Christmas. Just contact our friendly Customer Care team on 1300 763 505 or at [email protected].

On behalf of the team at CBB, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. See you in 2021!