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Temporary changes to how you can use Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation card

These additional inclusions are no longer available.  The inclusions were only valid until the end of this fringe benefits tax year ending 31 March 2021

Find out about the temporary takeaway and delivery inclusion for your Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation card.

COVID-19 has been a gamechanger for the Australian hospitality industry. For months, we’ve watched as restaurants have resourcefully adapted their business models to suit government restrictions.

That’s not the only thing that has changed. Thanks to the Australian Taxation Office, your CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation cards can now be used to purchase takeaway or delivery. There is one rule to remember: the restaurant you order from must have offered dine-in services before the COVID-19 outbreak.

The tech-savvy among us will be happy to hear that this new allowance also includes purchases through popular third-party ordering services such as Uber Eats, Menulog, and Deliveroo. Again, in order to be a valid purchase, you must order from a restaurant that previously offered dining-in.

Not only does this enable us to keep up our social distancing, it also helps local businesses to keep their staff on the books. And if there’s one thing Aussies are good at, it’s banding together to support each other in a time of need. This is a great opportunity to get behind your favourite local restaurants by getting dinner to go. It’s just a bonus that you can use your tax-free dollars to cover the cost.

Just remember that the inclusions are only valid until the end of this fringe benefits tax year (31 March 2021). Make sure you take advantage of this new inclusion while it lasts.

So… what are you having for dinner tonight?


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