The NDIA has opened up two ILC grant programs for economic participation and capacity building.

Economic and Community Participation (ECP) grant program

The Economic and Community Participation (ECP) grant program offers two streams to create opportunities for people with disability to contribute and participate in community life. People with disability experience higher unemployment rates, longer duration of unemployment and a lower level of income (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2019).

The Economic Participation stream is targeted at employers to create new pathways to employment and increase their ability to employ people with disability and build inclusive workplaces. The grant program also offers funding for programs that foster entrepreneurship to create opportunities of successful self-employment and innovative approaches that lead to increased employment.

The Social and Community Participation stream aims to create opportunities for people with disability to participate in the same community activities as everyone else, with a focus on arts, culture, sport and recreation. Eligible activities include pilots for new pathways to leadership and civic participation, improved inclusive approaches of local communities, inclusive playgroups and/or staff and volunteer development to better work alongside people with disability.

Application that focus on activities for ILC Priority Cohort Groups (Aboriginal and Torrens Strait Islander communities, CALD communities, LGBTIQA+ cohort and communities living in rural and remote areas) are particularly encouraged to apply. The ECP grant program offers a total of $30 million over three years with a minimum funding amount of $100,000 per year. More information is available here.

Mainstream Capacity Building (MCB) grant program

The Mainstream Capacity Building (MCB) grant program funds activities that build the capacity of health organisation and services to ensure people with disability can use and benefit from the same mainstream health services as everyone else. Many people with disability experience difficulties in accessing mainstream health services. One in six people with disability have experienced discrimination by health staff (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2017).

The grant program is designed to help remove barriers within the heath system, including better training for health care staff about disability and inclusion, better collaboration among different sectors and improved service culture and attitudes. The funding priorities vary depending on the jurisdiction where the ILC program will be delivered. Grants start at $100,000 per year or up to $300,000 for three years. The maximum funding amount that applicants can apply for is $750,000 per year (or 2.25 million over three years). Nationally, a total of $32 million will be awarded through this program.

More information about the Mainstream Capacity Building (MCB) Grant Program 2019-2020 is available here.

Specific guidelines for each program are available on Community Grants Hub and Grant Connect. Applications are open until 21 October 2019.