Thinking about upgrading your car? A novated lease could be the perfect solution!

A novated lease lets you select a new or near-new vehicle at a reduced cost through fleet pricing. You can even get the make, model and colour of your choice.

The best part? Taking this route will help you save on GST. Plus, all payments are made with pre-tax dollars – potentially saving you thousands in tax!

Stop worrying about budgeting for car maintenance costs

With a novated lease, you can pay for the total running costs of your vehicle with pre-tax dollars. This includes:

  • Registration and insurance;
  • Fuel;
  • Repairs, maintenance, and tyres;
  • And roadside assistance membership.

These costs are already covered in your lease, so you won’t ever have to worry about finding the money to service your car, let alone replacing your tyres.

Save even more on tax

The novated lease benefit is on top of your normal salary packaging amount. This means you can save even more on your tax while paying for the everyday costs of your new car.

How to get started

Get in touch with our Customer Care Team on 1300 763 505.