Salary packaging

The benefits of offering salary packaging make it easy for you as an employer to provide hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra take-home pay to your employees for little or no cost.

Salary packaging can be a key component in attracting and retaining quality staff and by offering this service, you effectively become an employer of choice, giving you a huge advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

CBB offers a suite of salary packaging benefits to not for profit sector employees, including:

Salary packaging is easy to get started and adds enormous value to both employers and employees. With a proven reputation of excellence in customer service and specialising in providing quality services, CBB can tailor your salary packaging program to expertly meet your organisational needs.

Can your organisation offer salary packaging to its employees? Charities with Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) or Health Promotion Charity (HPC) status are eligible to salary package. Read more about it here.

Why outsource your salary packaging?

Most organisations in today’s busy world find the simple answer to running more efficiently and cost effectively is to outsource areas of their operations which are not their core business. By outsourcing your employee salary packaging scheme to CBB, you will:

  • Give your employees more flexibility with their salary.
  • Reduce the cost associated with administering an in-house service.
  • Take the guess work out of salary packaging.
  • Provide guaranteed confidentiality of your employees’ information.
  • Receive reports that assist with organisational FTB and GST reporting requirements.

Why choose CBB?

At CBB we strongly believe that our passion, personalised service and values-driven approach makes us the right choice for not for profits.

Since 2001 we have been offering salary packaging services to not for profits and over that time we have grown to become a provider of choice for many organisations in the sector seeking an alternative to the profit-driven providers.

We have a clear focus on helping not for profits to attract, develop and retain their staff through making available the many benefits of salary packaging. Other benefits of choosing CBB include:

  • As a not for profit ourselves, we understand your organisation and share your values.
  • We give personalised and professional service. We visit in person wherever our clients are, conduct regular site visits and face-to-face signups at work or home.
  • We have a nationwide presence, processing over 10,000 transactions per week for not for profits around Australia.
  • We keep up-to-date with legislative changes that affect salary packaging, so that you don’t have to.
  • Our fees are very competitive and we don’t charge to make changes throughout the year.
  • We have the full range of salary packaging products including meal entertainment/holiday accommodationelectronic devicesnovated leasing and airline lounge membership.
  • Our partners give special offers and discounts to organisations and employees.
  • We return our surplus funds back to the sector through our Community Development Program.
  • We can provide you with an integrated service offering with our business consulting services.

Want to know more?

Jo Swingler is our General Manager, Salary Packaging and would welcome a conversation on how CBB can help your NFP to attract, develop and retain staff through salary packaging.

Phone: 1300 763 505