As a Director and Principal Consultant with EMA Solutions, Ashleigh’s knowledge and expertise is highly regarded by clients and he is often called upon to assist other team members with high level technical IR problems for many of clients as a ‘Specialist Review’ process. With a focus on ensuring advice is not only consistent with current legal principles and regulation, but that is also practically tailored to each individual situation, he ensures that clients receive the best outcome possible irrespective of their current situation.

Ashleigh’s passion for leader-led management and enabling managers to lead through perfecting the accountable leader principles has led to the development of EMA’s related Company Buzz-ER and the cloud-based products and services available within The Accountable Leader brand. The Accountable Leader provides systems, tools, training and ongoing advice to enable leaders with the confidence and skills to build respect through consistently managing and driving performance and behaviour within their teams and earning trust through building effective workplace relationships.

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