NDIS consulting

Supporting the not for profit disability sector is in our DNA. It’s where CBB came from, and it’s written into our constitution.

We’ve been working alongside service providers since the initial NDIS transition in 2014. In 2017 CBB was contracted by the Government of South Australia to work with providers during their transition to NDIS.

Now that the NDIS rollout is complete our Business Consultants have been providing NDIS Consulting support to disability service providers across the country. We also run free to participate programs like ILC Ready and NDIS Success that have helped existing and potential providers understand how NDIS plans can help them deliver long term social impact to the communities and people they serve.

Our methodology

Our Business Consultants take the time to fully understand your organisation, ensuring the right foundations are in place for you to respond to the NDIS market environment.

We aim to form a relationship with your organisation, not a dependency. Wherever possible, our Business Consultants work alongside you, giving your team knowledge and practical skills that can be utilised by your organisation long into the future.

Our success isn’t just measured by the work we do as consultants, but in the impact we make for your organisation. Because one size doesn’t fit all, and we wouldn’t want it to.

What we offer

Analyse where you are now

Does your organisation want to expand its NDIS service offering?
Do you require assistance with developing a new NDIS service?
Do you want to improve the sustainability of your current NDIS services?

Our team can help you to identify gaps in the NDIS market, conduct an analysis of your competitors, or do a financial health check to look at your organisation’s current situation, and options you have for moving forward.

Help you to plan ahead

Whether you’re looking to grow or change, or are facing some major challenges, we can assist you in areas such as strategy, budgets, workforce planning, marketing plans and exploring new NDIS service options.

Manage, implement and support changes and improvements

From building your business foundations (e.g. reporting, metrics and human resources), through to change management or professional development and coaching, our consultants can support you every step of the way.


If your organisation would benefit from expert support to strengthen or grow your NDIS services, our experienced consulting team can help.  Get in touch today on 1300 763 505 or email consulting@cbb.com.au.

Alternatively,  book a free initial consultation with any of our Business Consultants.

NDIS-ready CRM database comparison report

In the second half of 2018, the CBB consulting team conducted an NDIS-ready CRM/database comparison, which was then published in December 2018.

Since then, we expect that the functionality within the software platforms will have been updated and additional benefits added. We continue to leave the report available on our website as it raises numerous key points, as well as providing advice that will help users narrow down a list of CRM systems that may suit your organisation.

You can read the report here.

Client case studies

South Australian Government Department of Human Services

In 2016, the South Australian Government’s Department of Human Services tendered for consultants to support disability service providers to transition to the NDIS, having secured Sector Development Fund support for the South Australian disability sector. CBB successfully tendered for the contract and started to deliver the service in June 2017.

The challenge

Our NDIS Transition Program worked with disability providers across South Australia. Providers came from the not for profit, private and public sectors and included small, specialist providers and well known SA organisations.  Some of the providers were well advanced on their NDIS transition journey, others were just at the beginning.

The solution

The two key requirements within the DHS contract were to work with each provider to develop an NDIS action plan, and to provide mentoring support for transition. CBB developed a model that started with an extensive survey to assess each providers’ NDIS preparation; an initial meeting to get to know their consultant; an action planning workshop involving key staff; followed by a documented action plan. CBB then provided targeted support to address a key element of each providers’ action plan; and mentoring to support action plan delivery, address specific issues, or support individual staff and teams with NDIS transition. Organisations could also apply to DHS for a grant, and a number of organisations used their grant to purchase additional support from CBB. Over the life of the program we worked with organisations on costing of services and scrutiny of non-chargeable time and overheads; planning their marketing to make the most of their marketing resources; implementing business processes for working with the NDIA; strengthening their customer service skills; developing their mission critical leadership skills and understanding their IT requirements. In addition to the one on one support to providers, we published a range of blogs on NDIS transition and shared updates on all things NDIS.

The outcome

By the time we completed the transition program in June 2018, CBB had completed action planning workshops and delivered action plans for 78 providers; delivered 76 targeted support projects and hundreds of  mentoring sessions. 90% of providers responding to our exit survey said that they were better or much better prepared as a result of the program.

Baptist Care SA

The client

Baptist Care SA works with a diverse range of people in need, from young toddlers to the aged. Established in 1913 as the West End Baptist Mission, they have grown to become one of the leading providers of community services in South Australia, with around 800 staff.

The challenge

Baptist Care SA recognised a need to prepare their staff for the cultural shift required to further their organisation’s success within the NDIS environment.

Our solution

Through funding provided by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services, CBB worked with Baptist Care SA to undertake an employee engagement program to provide change management strategies for their workforce transition, as well as increase staff confidence within the NDIS environment.

The outcome

“The introduction of the NDIS demands significant changes in service delivery for Baptist Care SA. Working with CBB to engage our staff at the start of this journey not only equipped us with a different headset, but gave us some practical tools to enable further development. It provided some excellent insights not only of where we are now, but of where we need to be.” – Garry Peschel, NDIS Project Manager at Baptist Care SA.

An activity provider in South Australia

The client

An activity provider in South Australia (who chose to be kept anonymous).

The challenge

To modify their business model as well as formulate a marketing strategy and pricing structure to support the organisation’s growth. With block funding coming to an end, the provider needed to make radical and urgent changes to its existing service model. Without immediate change, some participants would find themselves without adequate NDIS funding to continue an activity that had been a vital part of their life and identity for many years.

Our solution

A group of key contributors including members of the board, staff team and clients, participated in two half-day workshops which sought to:

  • Create a shared understanding of the current position and identify opportunities to move forward
  • Develop a marketing strategy to position services in the NDIS market, and attract new participants
  • Update the pricing structure and business model to ensure continued viability beyond the introduction of the NDIS

The outcome

As a result of these workshops and the strategic development and coaching provided, the provider has transformed the way its services are priced and packaged. The new pricing structure allowed them to start claiming funding for existing clients straight away, and lays the foundation for continued growth of this valuable program as the NDIS rollout continues.

“Meg and Ellen, your creative and innovative approach to our challenge has been inspiring and encouraging… Thank you again for your invaluable assistance and thoughtful persistence to find a solution for us!” Quote provided by the General Manager at the activity provider.

A provider of psycho-social services in South Australia

The client

A provider of psycho-social services in South Australia (who chose to be kept anonymous)..

The challenge

To develop a leadership capability framework that would support their organisation’s transition to the NDIS environment.
As a provider of psycho-social services, they were facing significant challenges as a result of NDIS, including strict funding cuts that would require a reduction in staff numbers. It was mission critical for the provider to refocus their leadership and in turn, their greater workforce, to reflect a changing business model.

Our solution

Using a capability framework, staff was assessed and ranked against criteria that would be needed for the new environment. The provider’s management group and team leaders participated in a half-day workshop which sought the following outcomes:

  • Identification of the leadership capabilities required to be successful in the NDIS environment
  • Development of a leadership capability framework (including competencies and supporting behaviours), as well as the criteria to assess and rank staff for the requirements of the new NDIS environment

The outcome

The results of the workshop gave the provider a clear and shared understanding of what was needed from their leadership team, as well as a framework to support people management across the organisation.

“CBB did some very important detailed work for us at a crucial time. They used our information to build a matrix which captured very clear indicators for us. Most valuable. Thank you!” – Quote provided by the Acting CEO at the provider of psycho-social services.