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Community Business Bureau has been working with not for profits since 1995, and if we know one thing, it’s that getting the right fit when it comes to executive recruitment is critical to organisational success.

That’s why we’ve developed an executive recruitment solution focused on fit: fit for your culture, fit for your business and fit for the sector.

Cultural fit

Ever sit in an interview and think If only I had a crystal ball, I could tell whether this person would be a good fit? Well, we don’t have a crystal ball, but we have something pretty close.

CBB is one of only a handful of organisations Australia-wide offering the persolog® Employee Integrative System (EIS) – a globally recognised psychometric assessment tool.

With a focus on cultural fit, EIS enables us to predict the performance of the candidate in the role and the probability of long-term retention. It’s as close to seeing the future as you’ll get.

Business fit

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why our recruitment solution is flexible. Choose from a full service spanning advertising through to induction, or a tailored solution that fits your business needs.

Want to work within a budget? We make that easy by quoting a fixed fee up front. No percentages and no hidden charges.

Case study

Volunteering SA&NT : “To guarantee that we were following a robust HR process, we needed an external organisation to assist with elements of our recruitment process. CBB was a valued partner and provided a much needed service to ensure the right candidate was chosen.” – Evelyn O’Loughlin, CEO, Volunteering SA&NT

Read how we helped Volunteering SA&NT recruit for Business Fit.

Sector fit

We don’t just pay lip service to understanding the not for profit sector – we’re part of it.

CBB has over 20 years’ experience working in the not for profit sector, and we’re a not for profit social enterprise. We get the challenges facing the sector and we know what makes an NFP’s needs different to a private company.

Case study

Baptist Care: “The introduction of the NDIS demands significant
changes in service delivery for Baptist Care SA. Working with CBB to engage our staff at the start of this journey not only equipped us with a different headset, but gave us some practical tools to enable further development. It provided some excellent insights not only of where we are now, but of where we need to be.
– Garry Peschel, NDIS Project Manager at Baptist Care SA.

We’re dedicated to helping NFPs achieve their social objectives.

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