Strategy and planning

CBB’s Business Consultants help you establish strategies and plans to drive growth, paving a smoother road towards your social objectives.

Our Business Consultants are strategy and planning specialists; we work with you to reassess or refine your strategic objectives into goals that enhance your social impact. Whether you require support with marketing or financial strategy, or you need to refresh your business plan, we can help.

man thinking in front of boardOrganisational strategy & business planning

CBB’s Business Consultants are strategy specialists; we use our sector expertise to develop organisational strategies that underpin a strong business plan. Having this helps your staff understand how they can contribute to your organisation’s goals and your broader social impact. Find out more.


Financial strategy

A strong financial strategy is crucial for long-term impact. CBB’s Business Consultants help you connect your organisational strategy and social objectives with your financial strategy, boosting the sustainability of your objectives. Find out more.


Marketing strategy & planning

A strong marketing strategy requires extensive research and analysis, but it is essential for the development of a robust marketing plan. CBB’s Business Consultants support you to diagnose, strategise and plan, resulting in more impactful marketing activities that elevate your social objectives. Find out more.


Business model development

Business model reviews are a great way to focus in on problem areas and identify risks to our sustainability. CBB’s Business Consultants can apply their expertise to leverage the strengths and opportunities unique to your organisation, while supporting your staff to develop their business modelling skillset. Find out more.


Service and program design

CBB’s Business Consultants support your organisation to develop new services and programs with strong value propositions, and co-design them with the people and communities you want to help. Find out more.


Budgets and forecasting

CBB’s Business Consultants provide not for profit-specific financial expertise to develop budgets and forecasts for your organisation, boosting your internal financial competency and your ability to deliver on your social objectives. Find out more.


Organisational strategy & business planning

man thinking in front of board

As the adage goes: to fail to plan is to plan to fail

Strategic plans need to be revisited from time to time for several reasons. Perhaps the market has changed, or internal resources have changed; alternatively, maybe you have reached the end of your plan period and need to transition to a new one. CBB’s Business Consultants build your capacity to develop well-informed objectives that elevate your social impact and inspire your team.

Through a series of facilitated workshops with your key people, CBB’s Business Consultants establish what is important to your organisation and discuss how your strategic objectives relate to the sustainability of your organisation.

We then work with you to develop one or both of the following:

  • A strategic plan that defines the strategies your organisation will employ to achieve its social objectives and identifies the outcomes that are to be met.
  • A robust, up-to-date business plan that outlines your organisation’s unique model, attributes, objectives, and resourcing requirements; it can be used to secure funding, sponsorship, and partnerships.

Your team will learn how to undertake the same process, so that they are equipped to review and develop plans for years to come.

Start developing strategies and plans that will define your organisation’s impact well into the future. Book a free initial consultation with a CBB Business Consultant here:


Financial strategy

Make a difference long into the future with a strong Financial Strategy.

Without a Financial Strategy, the effectiveness of your Organisational Strategy can suffer; you can set meaningful, growth-focused goals for the organisation, but you need to know how to fund them. You also need to identify how your organisation can become or remain financially sustainable into the future while simultaneously making a difference in the lives of those you serve.

CBB’s Business Consultants will equip your leadership team with the ability to interrogate future organisational decisions and objectives through the following process:

  • An analysis of your goals through an objective financial lens, providing helpful, constructive insight and advice on how you can improve your financial management to meet your social objectives.
  • Evaluation of previous financial strategies or plans, with feedback provided on their outcomes.
  • Identification of risks that may not have been considered.
  • Facilitation of deeper strategic discussions that paint a detailed picture of your financial position.
  • Support to develop or improve your Cash Reserves Policy, which prepares you for increased or unbudgeted expenses – or an unexpected loss in funding.
  • A roadmap to reach your objectives with financial measures of revenue, cash and profit.
  • Advice on how to review and measure progress against the strategy in the future.

The key takeaway from this discussion is clarity around what your financials need to look like. Regardless of your internal capacity, we will grow your understanding and give you greater perspective to shift your mindset and clearly connect your organisational and financial strategies. This change makes decisions easier to rationalise and supports the long-term sustainability of your organisation.

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Marketing strategy & planning

Resonate with the right people.

Not for profits can struggle to find the time and necessary expertise to develop marketing strategies and plans. CBB’s Business Consultants work with you to develop a robust marketing strategy and plan that will position your brand effectively and assist with the delivery of your social objectives.

We work alongside your team and build their capacity to research and diagnose the needs of your market. By defining your internal competencies, external competition and customer characteristics, we support the development of a well-informed, practical strategy that details the following:

  • Brand – the image and personality that you will portray to reflect and strengthen your brand.
  • Target segment(s) – the niche markets you want to engage customers from, and the problem you are solving for them.
  • Positioning – how you want people to think and feel about your brand.
  • Objectives –the measurable actions you want your marketing activities to have.

Once your strategy is in place, we work with you to create a plan that outlines rationale and desired activities within the four areas of the Marketing Mix:

  • Service – the services you need to offer in order to meet the needs and wants of the people you serve.
  • Price – value, price point, discounts, and comparison with similar products.
  • Place – where people want to be able to purchase your service and potential distribution channels.
  • Communications – how you will inform people that you can help them.

Our Business Consultants walk your key people through the process, equipping them with the knowledge to continue this work into the future.

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Business model development

A business model for a model business.

A strong business model is imperative for long-term sustainability, which in turn is critical for continuing the meaningful outcomes that your organisation creates. CBB’s consultants drill down into your business model, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth within your different business segments.

A strong business model is essential if your organisation needs to harness market opportunities or tackle threats to viability. Additionally, it provides a means to gauge the sustainability and viability of individual segments within your organisation.

To support your team’s understanding of your existing business model, we conduct a comprehensive review of the financial and social impact drivers within each part of the organisation.

Using a Business Model Canvas, we visually map out key information for each business segment, helping to analyse and diagnose risks or issues, and leverage organisational strengths. We also analyse available data to identify revenue, expenses, and surplus, and resource utilisation.

To ensure we are providing professional development opportunities to your team, we bring them together in a facilitated workshop to review and understand your business model. They walk away equipped with established business modelling skills, so they can carry out this work for years to come.

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Service and program design

Deliver on your mission, develop a strong value proposition and fulfil a market need. 

Not for profits develop new services and programs to enhance sustainability and create different opportunities to serve the community. However, the development process is resource-intensive and requires lots of consultation and research; it may be a challenge to manage this on top of the organisation’s core business.

CBB’s Business Consultants can take the lead and guide you with our robust design process. The outcome is a stronger service or program that embodies your mission and solves problems for your target customers.

We also ensure your team are being upskilled through facilitated workshops that work through the following steps:

  • Understand who your customers are, and the need that your service or program will fulfil.
  • Clearly define the outcome that your service is trying to achieve, so you can stay true to your mission as the service or program evolves.
  • Question the value proposition of your service. For example, does it solve a problem for your customer?
  • Map out your service, reviewing each step and all resources involved.
  • Co-design possible improvements or changes with the end-user and staff.
  • How to continuously review and modify the service or program in accordance with feedback and changing needs.
  • Make sure the business model can accommodate the new addition.

Our sector experience informs this process and ensures your organisation ends up with an evidence-based service or program. Better yet, this practical process equips your team with the skills to repeat this same process in the years to come.

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Budgets and forecasting

Get to know your numbers.

To make sure our organisations can keep delivering meaningful social impacts, we need to maintain a healthy financial position and plan for the future. As not for profits, we don’t always have the resources or time to create and assess budgets and forecasts. CBB’s Business Consultants provide the expertise and perspective required to develop a budget or forecast for your organisation, freeing up your time to focus on delivering your social impact.

It’s important to note that our budget and forecast development process focuses on the “why”. We work with your team to ensure the figures are linked to something meaningful for your organisation and are not just arbitrary. Not only does this foster ownership and confidence, it has the added benefit of upskilling them in objective ways of thinking about your financial future in connection with your social objectives.

Your unique budget or forecast is created by our expert Chartered Accountant and incorporates visualised financial data so that it is easily understood by your team. This equips your leadership and board with an objective view of the organisation’s financials to support better decision making.

We also present your budget or forecast (and the reasons behind the numbers) to your board and leadership team. Here, they can ask questions and become more confident in your organisation’s capability to achieve your mission.

If your organisation needs support to develop budgets and forecasts, you can book a free initial consultation here: