Market analysis and organisation review

Our team can help you to identify gaps in the market, conduct an analysis of your competitors or do a financial health check to look at your organisation’s current situation, and options you have for moving forward.

Market opportunity analysis

Successful growth requires a robust understanding of market opportunities. CBB’s Business Consultants gather market data to support evidence-based decision making, taking your idea from concept to reality and providing a strong foundation for its sustainability into the future. Find out more.

Financial health check

CBB’s Business Consultants examine your organisations’ finances and create visualised resources to help you and your decision makers fully understand the current financial health of your organisation. Find out more.


Building a cash bridge
Remuneration review

CBB’s Business Consultants support your organisation to review remuneration packages and offer salaries that are comparable with the wider sector, attracting and retaining quality employees that create meaningful outcomes for your cause. We also provide Salary Packaging to give your remuneration a well-deserved boost. Find out more.


Market opportunity analysis

Understand how your brightest ideas meet a market need

If you are considering venturing into new services or altering your established services, you’ll need to conduct market analysis to assure your leadership and board of the opportunity’s viability. CBB’s Business Consultants can gather and interpret market data to inform better decision making and also free you up to focus on your social objectives.

CBB’s Business Consultants are skilled in market analysis and apply considerable not for profit expertise to overlay the data with the unique attributes of your organisation. We conduct the following activities:

  • Analyse your organisation’s current situation, identifying strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and results (the SOAR model).
  • Collate data on market size, trends, and customer segments to define potential client profiles and geographical characteristics.
  • Identify and analyse your competitors to support the development of a strong market position.
  • Evaluate the external political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal contexts of your sector to determine market requirements. We integrate this with market intelligence from years of experience working with not for profit providers of human services.
  • Combine findings from the above activities into a comprehensive report with recommendations to inform your next steps.

To help your decision-makers fully understand the data, we facilitate workshops to better define the market context. We also discuss how you can apply the SOAR model to develop a strong point of difference.

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Financial health check

In-depth financial understanding that maximises your future sustainability.

Your cause is important to you, and there’s no question that you are good at creating beneficial outcomes for your community. The bottom line is, your social impact depends on your organisation’s financial performance and sustainability; meaning that, in order to continue making a difference, you need to manage the finances effectively.

CBB’s Business Consultants can support you and your decision makers to understand and maximise your organisation’s financial position. Our financial health check involves a robust analysis of balance sheets and profit and loss statements from up to three years ago. Using this data, a Charted Accountant creates a tailored report that includes a series of easy-to-understand graphs and charts to demonstrate:

  • Revenue and expenditure trends– showing when your business earns and spends.
  • Profit margin analysis– gauges the degree to which you make a profit over time, while accounting for expenditure and income.
  • Cash flow- the amount of cash or equivalent that your business receives or gives.
  • Cash conversion rate- your ability to convert profits into available cash.
  • Closing cash positions- how much cash your organisation has on its books at a specific point in time, indicating financial strength.
  • Liquidity- the ease with which an asset, or security, can be converted into available cash.
  • Net asset movements- your organisation’s total value by subtracting liabilities from total assets.

To help you establish your next steps, the report includes recommendations for improved finance functionality.

We also present our findings and recommendations to your board and leadership team. Through discussions with our consultant, your decision makers will build a solid understanding of the organisation’s past and present financial standing. This helps you to manage the organisation into the future, achieving important social objectives that only you can create.

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Remuneration review

Building a cash bridge
Attract and retain high quality people with competitive salaries.

The right salaries are hugely important for developing a strong workforce; a good remuneration package can mean the difference between securing and losing your ideal candidate. It is especially crucial for not for profits, because we rely on highly skilled employees to elevate our social impact and ensure the sustainability of our organisation.

Our Business Consultants conduct a comprehensive review of your organisational structure and position descriptions, while comparing these to available sector-specific data on:

  • The general salary range for equivalent roles;
  • The most common salary range for equivalent roles; and
  • Expectations among members of the workforce on salary and benefits.

Using these findings, our not for profit specialists develop a report that provides your leadership team and board with an objective understanding of where your salaries sit relative to the market. Our insights build your team’s capability to plan future roles and also keep your organisation up to speed with the sector.

In addition to our Remuneration Review, we also offer Salary Packaging to make your remuneration even more attractive.

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