Business frameworks and capability

From building your business foundations (e.g. reporting, metrics and human resources), through to change management or professional development and coaching, our consultants can support you every step of the way.

Reporting and metrics, including developing KPIs

CBB’s Business Consultants can help you define and report on what matters to your organisation to create alignment and cohesion across your team, leading to better social objectives. Find out more.


Risk management

CBB’s Business Consultants help you elevate your risk management to a mature, well-informed strategy that helps your organisation identify opportunities or overcome challenges with your reputation and social impact intact. Find out more.


People and culture

CBB’s Business Consultants apply their understanding of the not for profit sector to support improved people management practices, contributing to a better workplace culture and satisfaction. Find out more.


Change management

CBB’s Business Consultants walk alongside your organisation to implement effective change management processes, with a particular focus on maintaining staff wellbeing. Find out more.



Reporting and metrics, including developing KPIs

If your team are all going in the same direction, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Metrics are key to realising our objectives, but they are not one-size-fits-all. CBB’s Business Consultants work with you to identify the measures that will maximise your social impact and bring the work of your staff and volunteers into alignment with your corporate plan.

When your KPIs and targets are strongly linked with your corporate plan, your objectives become much more achievable, which helps you accomplish your mission. Additionally, when you implement department specific KPIs that tie in with the corporate plan, you are providing a clearer sense of purpose for staff at all levels.

We help your leadership team implement both financial and non-financial KPIs, designed to improve the cohesion, performance and output of areas within your business. KPIs can include measures on:

  • Financial performance
  • Operations/service delivery
  • Issues management
  • People and culture
  • Quality and safety
  • Growth
  • Social impact

Our Business Consultants then create an actionable plan to help your team implement and report on these new measures. You will also be able to identify opportunities to move the goalposts when the objectives are met.

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Risk management

Don’t just tick the box; excel at managing risks.

Risks in the workplace span from physical risks to reputational risks, and they can be costly if not properly mitigated. CBB’s Business Consultants can help you improve your approach to risk management, developing or streamlining your process to avoid damaging situations that can hurt your social impact.

To ensure your organisation is future-proof and operating responsibly, you need robust risk management systems. It’s so important for not for profits because they may be the only organisation that supports a specific group. If something happened and your organisation disappeared, your clients and communities would no longer have access to your services.

Looking internally, risk management is also important for long term sustainable organisational success, allowing us to mitigate risk and leverage opportunities to grow.

It’s important to remember that risk doesn’t start and finish with the WHS officer. It’s up to everyone- from board members to Customer Care- to know their roles and responsibilities.

To upskill your staff to better manage risks, our Business Consultants facilitate a Risk Register Workshop. Here, participants learn how to develop a Risk Register that allows staff to log risks and devise strategies to mitigate and even leverage them- and consider the risks associated with not acting. This workshop also includes a high-level training session on risk management, providing context on its importance.

Our consultants can also conduct a ‘risk health check’ by reviewing your existing risk documents and processes. We recommend changes that will streamline and align with best practice models and templates, ensuring they are scalable and tailored to your unique organisation. We can review:

  • Board Risk Committee terms of reference
  • Policies & procedures for risk
  • Risk management framework
  • Risk registers

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People and culture

Your people are your most valuable assets; invest in the culture of your workplace.

Not for profits rely on highly motivated, productive, and satisfied employees to achieve their social objectives. However, many organisations face challenges with staff recruitment or retention, keeping up with employment or management practices, or feeling that “something is not quite right” within the workplace culture.

Depending on your unique circumstances, CBB’s Business Consultants can work with you on an end-to-end people and culture framework or focus on key priority areas that have fallen behind. Either way, we aim to improve your approach and process for managing people and culture by providing:

  • Review of organisational structure to ensure teams can function effectively.
  • Workforce planning support to determine future resourcing requirements.
  • Development and review of position descriptions to provide clarity and accountability around individual roles and responsibilities, and performance and behaviour expectations.
  • Development and review of recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes to ensure your organisation is up to date on effective practices.
  • Alignment of people management policy and procedures with organisational plans, strategies, and values.

You come away with a fit for purpose people management framework that blends seamlessly with not only your organisational strategy, growth objectives, and operational requirements- but also with your core purpose and values. Bringing these important factors into alignment can only create better cohesion and outcomes.

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Change management

Implement and respond to change without compromising staff wellbeing.

Change is inevitable and can assume many forms: growth or shrinkage, funding arrangements, mergers and acquisitions, new leadership, and even new policies. We saw unprecedented change in 2020 with the COVID-19 outbreak; it forced many organisations to adapt quickly or risk being left behind.

Regardless of the circumstance, CBB’s Business Consultants walk alongside your organisation to help you manage and transition through major change. Our outside perspective helps you consider the impacts of change on both people and systems without losing momentum or accountability.

A key challenge faced by organisations during periods of change is the risk to staff wellbeing and retention. We place high importance on helping you navigate the changes in a people-focused way by facilitating workshops and training for your staff. This development aims to ease their anxieties and also equip them for the changes, improving productivity through the transition.

Our Business Consultants tailor change management support to offset the unique challenges faced by your organisation, but generally we provide a combination of the following services:

  • Change management planning support, identifying and planning for the activities and risks involved.
  • Providing insight and guidance for new or current change management processes, systems, and tools that will improve your organisation’s approach.
  • Implementing tracking and accountability systems to keep your team on track and motivated- including a coaching approach for leaders and managers to navigate roadblocks and celebrate successes.
  • Planning for stakeholder engagement and communications activities that are closely linked to strategic change objectives.
  • Facilitation of workshops and coaching with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure everyone is aware of change management processes.

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