As part of Community Business Bureau’s commitment to building a stronger not for profit sector, we are proud to offer not for profit organisations across Australia the opportunity to apply for one of our Community Business Grants.

CBB is a not for profit social enterprise. This means that we reinvest our annual profits into developing our organisation and supporting the not for profit sector through the provision of grants and other initiatives. For more information about how we support the sector, click here.

Working with over 600 not for profit organisations across Australia, we see various trends and needs within the sector. In each grant round we will offer targeted solutions to support these common sector themes.

Future grant rounds

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Find out more about our consultants methodology and how we support our clients here.

Previous rounds

Risk management program

The Risk Management grant program was designed to provide organisations with targeted support to help them develop their risk management practices. The pro bono consulting support was customised for organisations to:

  • Develop skills and knowledge of effective risk management practices
  • Develop organisations’ maturity in risk management and governance
  • Support putting in place robust and effective risk management processes

Working Mind program

The Working Mind program was designed to provide individuals with knowledge, and practices to help them live and work effectively in uncertainty and complexity; especially during the COVID-19 uncertainty. The program helped participants to:

  • understand the importance of recovery time – calming space away from technology and information overload
  • build their self-awareness and self-management, so they can support and bring different ways of working to their teams.
  • build connection and collaboration when working virtually
  • deepen the ability to listen deeply, build relationships and engage with a wide range of people across the sector and the community
  • support employee wellbeing with practices for managing stress

Financial budget for 2020/21

This grant was for not for profit organisations looking for better planning and management of their existing budget. It was aimed at organisations that had a relatively stable income and expenditure. The consultant helped the grant recipient to:

  • Understand how different activities contribute to their bottom line
  • Identify key financial risks
  • Plan for long term organisational stability

Our consultant then shared the results in person to the leadership team/board.

Financial health check and analysis

This grant was for not for profit organisations with no internal, strategic financial management resources. Our consultant conducted an analysis of the grant recipient’s accounts including revenue trends, revenue concentration, revenue certainty, cash reserves, profit trend, liquidity, and cash flow gap. Our consultant then prepared a report of the findings and shared it with the organisation’s CEO followed by an in-person presentation of the findings for their leadership team/board.

Finance for non financial managers program

This online program assisted participates to understand financial statements and explain some of the terminology used, as well as teach them how to do an analysis to understand their organisation’s  finances. Key lessons included:

  • Terminology – Understand and use key financial terminology
  • Financial Statements – How the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow relate to each other
  • Chart of Accounts – The importance of a chart of accounts
  • Revenue – understanding key revenue item and the drivers behind them
  • Expenses – understanding key expense items and categories and drivers behind them
  • Budgets and forecasts – why they matter and the role they play
  • Cash reserves – determining how much cash an organisation needs
  • Review and analysis – how to analyse an organisation’s finances


To be the first to know about future grant rounds please register here.