Past grant recipients

Community Development Grant: November 2015

CBB acknowledges and appreciates all applicants for their participation. We wish to congratulate the following winners:

Organisation Purpose of Grant
St John’s Youth Services $4,000 +GST Funding will go towards the establishment of the ‘Steps to Success’ program, a program that will use volunteer tutors to work directly with young people from non-English speaking backgrounds. These young people will be assisted to achieve their study goals, and to create community connections that enrich their social engagement. This will not only help them achieve academically, but will also reduce their social isolation and increase their feelings of self-worth and capacity to contribute to the South Australian community.
Helping People Achieve (HPA) Incorporated
$4,000 +GST
Helping People Achieve has been providing supported employment to people with disabilities since 1963. HPA also provides an outreach residential support service to people with disabilities in their own home or HPA’s 24 hour supported accommodation.

HPA is using the funding from CBB to purchase four new sewing machines for their Ausdesigns workshop. The new sewing machines will keep the enterprise productive and creating good quality products. There are 50 employees with disabilities working at Ausdesigns and currently they have not all had the chance to work in the sewing room. Having new machines will allow for more employees to be trained in sewing, thus increasing their opportunities for open employment.

Queen of Hearts Community Foundation $3120 +GST The Queen of Hearts Community Foundation was founded in 2014 to support survivors of child sexual abuse in their search for healing and justice. Grant funding will support the development and expansion of a library to include more resource books for parents and for child survivors.

The lack of accessible, reputable information can be an overwhelming obstacle when trying to heal the emotional, psychological and mental trauma of child sexual abuse. Being able to offer picture books about abuse to children is a vital non-confrontational tool that promotes the value of disclosure and showing children that they are not at fault through a medium that they can understand and relate to.