Managing change – the sustainable long-term approach

“If the rate of change outside the organisation exceeds the rate of change inside the organisation, then the end is near.” – Jack Welch

Whilst we intrinsically know this to be true, we often fail to take the first steps in leading our teams into the unknown. We understand the logical need to leave the familiar behind, however, we are unsure how to approach the psychological and practical needs of the employees we lead. What do we focus on first, what is urgent, what is important, etc.? Continue reading…

Seven tips for creating a marketing plan

Many organisations are faced with the reality that they need to become more market-focused in order to compete. It’s vital that Boards and executives focus on how they can best market their organisation to ensure its future sustainability.

Below are our top 7 tips for creating a marketing plan that actually works: Continue reading…

Is your constitution working for you?

Your constitution defines the rules by which your Not for Profit organisation is legally able to operate. It is important that those rules represent what you do and that they are accurate and up-to-date. How do you respond to the ten questions below? Continue reading…

Your organisation’s financial health = sustainable future

Do you know the financial health of your organisation?

How do you ensure revenues are meeting strategic targets? How will you manage costs to achieve greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness? How can the organisation build a cash reserve? These are clear aims for most organisations BUT for many they are seldom achieved.

This is often the result of not appreciating the critical nature of some activities undertaken in an organisation and even moreso, not appreciating that some activities are not merely costs today but investments in tomorrow. Continue reading…

Branding – what is it?

“Branding” is a word we in the NFP sector are hearing more about every day. While it’s used more in a private sector context, if we are switched-on and want our NFP organisations to flourish, we must understand what it means and in most cases apply some thought to our agency’s branding.

All of us want our organisation’s name to be well known and have a good reputation for whatever service we offer. This will become even more vital as we move towards an increasingly customer driven and competitive marketplace.

CBB was formed over 20 years ago to help enhance NFPs’ capacity and capability and we have often advised our clients to borrow practices from the business world – we can do so without compromising our social values and purpose. Hopefully the following ideas might help your NFP.

First and foremost, branding is much more than just a logo or a name. Continue reading…