Governing (and tweeting) for maximum impact

by Marissa Brown, Manager, Marketing & Strategic Development

Last week Jane Arnott and I attended the 10th Annual Better Boards Conference in Melbourne. We were there representing CBB as a trade exhibitor, and we also had the chance to attend many of the conference sessions.

The theme was Game-changing moves: Governing for maximum impact. The impressive speaker line-up from Microsoft, Deloitte and AusPost covered themes including the exponential growth of digital, customer co-design and enabling employee innovation.

As a marketer it’s important that I practise what I preach marketing-wise, so I always live tweet from events I attend through the @CBB_Community Twitter account. Not only is this best practice from a digital marketing perspective, it’s also a handy way to take notes. So in this article I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone: 1) an illustration of how to effectively tweet at events; and 2) CBB’s top Twitter takeaways from the Better Boards Conference 2016.

On digital disruption

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Websites: three reasons why NFPs need to become mobile friendly…now!

Since smartphones and tablets started appearing, organisations wanting to get ahead of the curve began adopting mobile friendly websites: sites that load fast and are easy to read on hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets. Essentially this all grew out of the desire to create a more favourable ‘user experience’.

For many NFPs, just getting a website up and running is costly and time consuming enough, let alone having to make a perfectly good website mobile friendly. Often it’s not until something becomes absolutely critical that action finally gets taken. When it comes to having a mobile friendly website, this has now become the case.

What is a mobile friendly website?

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Four ways to take your annual report from boring to brilliant!

By Juliet Pannozzo, former Marketing Consultant

For NFPs, annual reports provide powerful social and financial proof of an organisation’s existence, outlining past performance and future potential. Done well, they can lead to more funding and improved brand perception…if people actually read them!

Unfortunately, the financial nature of annual reports often renders them boring and bland. If packed only with reporting, tables and endless text, the opportunity to boost perceptions about your organisation, or elicit more funding, can be lost.

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The thank you dilemma: how to publicly acknowledge donors without jeopardising future funding

By Marissa Brown, former Marketing Manager

Recently, a Foreword reader wrote in with this dilemma:

“Annually we receive a sizeable grant and donation from a large local organisation and its charitable foundation. If we widely publicise the amount of money we receive then [others] may be less forthcoming in providing funding opportunities and donations if they think we have ‘enough’. However I also want to give public thanks and credit where it is absolutely due.”

Indeed, this is the tightrope that many Not for Profits walk: how to express gratitude without giving the appearance that your NFP is flush with cash? Continue reading…

Unlock the power of ‘starting with why’

Now more than ever, it is vital for Not for Profits to understand how to market themselves to consumers. And by ‘market’, we don’t mean jazzing up your website and setting up social media. We mean creating strategies that truly connect with your target audiences to create authentic and lasting relationships. Continue reading…

Hosting a successful NFP event

Whether it’s a networking session, two-day conference or simply an online webinar, organising an event can be a daunting proposition for any organisation. It’s harder still for many Not for Profits that have limited funds and staffing resources. Where do you start? How much will it cost? Where do you hold it? How much do you charge people to attend?

Rest assured, there are simple ways to approach the task that can help to make it both a fun AND beneficial exercise for your organisation. Here’s some pointers to help get you heading in the right direction: Continue reading…

Top tips on managing the risks of social media

By now, most Not for Profit organisations are aware of the low-cost marketing opportunities that social media provides. It’s an invaluable promotional tool due to its ability to invite an instant response from the readers.

When used correctly, social media opens the door to a world of possibilities to enhance your brand, grow your customer base and promote awareness of your campaigns, products and services. However, it’s equally important to be aware of the risks should the unexpected arrive on your doorstep.

Below are our top 3 tips for managing the risks of social media for Not for Profit organisations. Continue reading…

Seven tips for creating a marketing plan

Many organisations are faced with the reality that they need to become more market-focused in order to compete. It’s vital that Boards and executives focus on how they can best market their organisation to ensure its future sustainability.

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Branding – what is it?

“Branding” is a word we in the NFP sector are hearing more about every day. While it’s used more in a private sector context, if we are switched-on and want our NFP organisations to flourish, we must understand what it means and in most cases apply some thought to our agency’s branding.

All of us want our organisation’s name to be well known and have a good reputation for whatever service we offer. This will become even more vital as we move towards an increasingly customer driven and competitive marketplace.

CBB was formed over 20 years ago to help enhance NFPs’ capacity and capability and we have often advised our clients to borrow practices from the business world – we can do so without compromising our social values and purpose. Hopefully the following ideas might help your NFP.

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