Content Marketing (Part 1): Act first, think later – a fresh take on boosting social impact online

Non-profit organisations exist to serve people before profit. But competition for funding is getting tighter. To keep helping the people who need you most, you need a sustainable funding base. You need to market your service or cause far more actively than you might have done in the past, if ever.

But how can you attract more people to you, without losing sight of your purpose – or your humanity – in the process? How will you cut through the noise in our information-saturated world? And how do you know where to start? Continue reading…

When opportunity knocks: How to identify marketing opportunities for your NFP

In Darwin last week Tony Burns, CEO of Telstra NT Business of the Year (2016) Helping People Achieve (HPA) and our former Senior Marketing Consultant Meg Drechsler co-presented at our Community ExecNet event, Just do it: How to make marketing happen for your NFP.

Meg and Tony’s brief was to inspire the audience to ‘make marketing happen’, because as we all know, making marketing happen in the NFP context can be challenging at the best of times. What’s more, in an environment of constant change and opportunity, sometimes coming up with the idea is not the issue – it’s the inability to identify the ‘gems’ and then execute the ideas that can stymie an already under-resourced NFP’s marketing efforts. Continue reading…

What does big data mean for not for profits? Lessons from laundry tubs and eighties rock stars

By Jane Arnott, General Manager – Consulting and Business Services

Big data is one of those buzz words that gets bandied about. Leveraging the data at your fingertips is a powerful management tool, but it’s easy to get lost in the volume of data available. Forward-thinking enterprises are tapping into data like never before, with some surprising results, and yet so many organisations have not even skimmed the surface of the opportunities hidden inside their data.

For not for profits, the right data can: Continue reading…

How to nail a rebrand from the get-go

By Marissa Brown, former Marketing Manager

Community Business Bureau recently underwent a mammoth exercise – to completely re-brand our 21-year-old organisation. And, like most not for profits, there were limits to how much of our precious budget we could afford to spend on a makeover. Oh, and we had to do most of the re-brand in-house, satisfy existing clients and appeal to new ones and of course, gain internal buy-in.

Every week we talk to or come across NFPs either launching a new brand or wanting advice on how to get it done within all of the parameters I mentioned above. And it’s no surprise – in an increasingly noisy market where it’s tough to stand out from the crowd, it makes complete sense to start with improving the strength and impact of your brand.

Like every large project, laying the right foundation is critical to success. Below I’ve put together my top five tips to help you nail your NFP rebrand from the get-go: Continue reading…

Community ExecNet: Top five take-aways

At our first ExecNet breakfast series for 2017, we explored how to make marketing happen in your not for profit (NFP). Whether you were able to join us or not, here are the top five pieces of advice we took away from our expert speakers: Heather Smith (Management Committee Member, CORENA), Evelyn O’Loughlin (CEO, Volunteering SA & NT) and Dr Margaret Faulkner (Senior Research Associate, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, University of South Australia). Continue reading…

Are you ready for the rise of the robots?

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting and Business Services

We’ve seen a digital revolution in the last 20 years, and in 2017 we’re on the brink of a new wave of change. Automation is taking on more and more complex tasks. Driverless cars are on our doorstep, with large-scale trials currently underway in the United States. Robots have become commonplace in factories, and are starting to appear in our homes and offices. Automation is moving beyond repetitive manual tasks to white collar work, with lawyers, accountants, designers and more all being impacted now or in the near future. Technology change, as always, presents both challenges and opportunities. Continue reading…

So, we’ve got a new logo. Why?

By Marissa Brown, former Marketing & Community Engagement Manager

As some of you may know, in 2016 Community Business Bureau (CBB) celebrates 21 years as a not for profit social enterprise (read more about our history here), and we felt that this ‘coming of age’ deserved a fresh new look. You’ll notice that our new brand still uses our acronym, CBB, but we’ve also gone back to including our full name, Community Business Bureau. We’ve done this for a few reasons. Continue reading…

Getting to know your target audience

By Rommie Corso, former Senior Marketing Consultant

One of the most basic (yet ignored) principles of marketing is “know thy target market”.

For many NFPs, identifying ideal customers triggers a fear of ruling out possibilities. “Oh, but our customer-base is very broad, we have to appeal to everyone,” they’ll say.

It’s a fatal mistake. When it comes to marketing, hedging your bets wastes time and money – the upshot is you’ll dilute your brand and end up down rabbit holes working on weak campaigns.

How to really get to know your target audience Continue reading…

How to market purposefully… without being pushy

“We know we need to expand the marketing for our NFP but we don’t want to be pushy. Is this possible?” This has to be one of the most common questions we are asked by not for profit organisations (NFPs) when embarking on a new marketing plan or campaign.

Even the words sales and marketing remind us of the negative experiences encountered with pesky ‘sales guns’ or marketing campaigns trying to sell us something we don’t need. So how do you market purposely, without being pushy? Continue reading…

The five most common NFP web mistakes

We’ve all visited confusing or annoying websites that made us leave as quickly as we arrived. This is incredibly damaging to a brand and, in some instances, it would be better to have no web presence at all. Unless your NFP runs like a global corporate, your organisation is probably incredibly under-resourced and if you’ve had to rush your website construction, chances are you’ve missed the mark in some areas.

Here are five of the more common mistakes found on NFP websites: Continue reading…