StreetFleet is an Australian owned and operated vehicle management company that provides organisations with vehicle management solutions. StreetFleet is one of the largest providers of vehicles to the not for profit sector.

Every business needs vehicles. Whether it is simply to get staff to work or to help them do their work, vehicles can be one of the most capital intensive aspects of running any business.

Servicing, administration, resale value, fuel, fuel fraud, vehicle usage and repair downtime are all unseen areas of cost leakage.

Whether your business has 1 vehicle or 1,000, StreetFleet can help you:

  •   Reduce fleet costs
  •   Reduce fleet risk
  •   Reduce carbon footprint
  •   Maximise utilisation
  •   Ensure driver safety
  •   Reduce fuel cost
  •   Reduce fleet administration
  •   Reduce Capital expenditure
  •   Attract and retain staff

Want to know more?

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