Airline lounge memberships

Community Business Bureau (CBB) is proud to partner with Corporate Traveller in order to provide our customers with significant discounts on airline lounge memberships and joining fees.

Plus, if you travel for work at least once in an FBT year, you are able to claim the cost of an airline lounge membership tax-free!


  • Get great discounts off the regular price of Qantas and Virgin airline lounge memberships and joining fees through Corporate Traveller
  • Airline lounge memberships can be used for both business-related and personal travel
  • Claiming back the cost of an airline lounge membership tax-free means more savings and more money in your pocket!

Things you should know

  • You can only salary package airline lounge memberships for yourself, not for family members or friends
  • A Corporate Traveller booking fee of $27.50 applies for memberships and renewals
  • To qualify, you must travel for work purposes at least once per FBT year (April to March). If you purchase a two-year membership, you must travel for work purposes in both FBT years. This travel will also require sign-off by your employer.
  • If you do not travel for work purposes, you can still take advantage of the discounted pricing offered by Corporate Traveller, however, you cannot salary package the cost of the membership.
  • If you have already purchased your airline lounge membership directly through Qantas or Virgin within the last year, you may be eligible to claim the membership tax free, provided you can supply us with a copy of your tax invoice/receipt.

How do I get started?

To take advantage of this fantastic benefit or to find out more, call us on 1300 763 505.

Want to know more?

To find out more about how you can access this benefit you can download the brochure or call 1300 763 505 to speak to one of our friendly customer care staff .

Please note: Airline lounge membership packaging is subject to your organisation’s salary packaging policy.