What are the benefits?

The benefits of salary packaging are often more than the increase of take-home pay in your pocket each week.

From tax-free dining out, holiday accommodation and venue hire to novated leasing and other great offers from CBB’s partners, the possibilities are (almost) endless!

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Please note: Salary packaging entitlements are subject to your organisation’s salary packaging policy.

What our salary packaging clients say

Tutti - client feedback“Tutti engaged CBB to have access to a well-known local brand with a record of success in the salary packaging industry. Despite Tutti being a small organisation, we receive excellent and personalised service.

CBB’s values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Empowerment are highly aligned with Tutti’s values. At Tutti we appreciate individual talent and uniqueness, encourage creativity and develop professionalism.”

Gumala - client feedbackCBB salary packaging offers Gumala the opportunity to provide a further incentive to employees who are attracted to the Not for Profit sector because they are able to identify with the mission and values. It serves as an added incentive of financial reward for working for a benevolent trust that aims to help people, not profits.

Salary packaging with CBB helps us to attract and retain talent for Gumala which is critical to its ongoing success of delivering lasting change to Indigenous communities.”

We are able to be more competitive in the remuneration we can offer staff, especially for roles where there is strong competition in the market. It has also assisted with staff retention. The customer service has been exceptional and Michael Coley provided great support in the transition, but also on an ongoing basis.”

“I can’t explain to you the magic of CBB. Working with great people, really personable people, is really easy and enjoyable.

I’ve had staff who have been going to refuse the job, change their mind and accept the job after talking to CBB and seeing what salary packaging can do.”

CC_Queensland“We decided it was time to streamline our salary packaging process, and entrust a company to take care of this for us. When searching for a company with the right fit, CBB stood out as a trusted organisation with values and work ethics that aligned with Cancer Council Queensland.

Their willingness to give back to the community is reflected through their work with our staff and our organisation, and we have enjoyed a high-quality service through the years. CBB have proven to be extremely reliable and professional company to partner with. The way they manage salary packaging suits a Not for Profit as it is flexible, cost effective, and easy for staff to use.”

Cancer Council - client feedback“To achieve our vision we rely upon the recruitment and retention of a team of dedicated staff and utilising the salary packaging services of CBB has assisted greatly in this process. Our partnership with CBB has reduced our administration, and provided greater benefits for staff.

We used to have staff who had heard bad things about salary packaging and wouldn’t do it. And then CBB went out and did one-on-ones with each of those people and they’re now all signed on. The way they explain it to staff brings them on board.”

Eldercare - client feedback“CBB do it all. We literally do almost nothing. Our staff deal directly with CBB and we just get the info through to payroll, so it’s really effective for us.

Because of the administration effort that’s involved with salary packaging and having to keep on top of all the legislation and tax changes, my first piece of advice to other leaders in the sector is to call CBB. We can’t fault the service we’ve had from them, and they’re always willing to give information about how things work.”

Silverlea - client feedback“Since 2013, Silverlea has been partnering with CBB in order to build the sustainability of our organisation, allowing us to plan for the changing landscape under the NDIS and enhance our current structure. CBB has provided a range of professional services including cost analysis, NDIS readiness consulting, structural reviews and marketing, whilst also providing salary packaging for our staff.

Silverlea has a long history of support and care for children and families in their local area, and through collaboration with CBB, we will continue to provide our valuable services well into the future.”

Visability - client feedback“Since 2011, VisAbility has partnered with CBB to provide a range of salary packaging benefits to its employees. A respected Not for Profit which also owns and operates Guide Dogs WA, VisAbility is a diverse organisation with occupations ranging from therapists and professional staff to skilled support staff.

Through its partnership with CBB, VisAbility has been able to attract and retain a quality allied health workforce, a factor which is increasingly important to remain sustainable in an ever-changing disability sector. More than ever, VisAbility needs to be an employer of choice for employees across a range of specialisms including occupational therapy, social work, orthoptics and orientation and mobility.

Through investment in allied health staff, VisAbility can offer a comprehensive range of therapy services to children and adults, and help people in Western Australia with vision impairment or disability to reach their goals and improve their mobility and independence.”

“[I] would just like to say that I am so glad we use CBB. Whatever you guys are doing and the people you have working for you are a great combination. PLEASE don’t change. You are so easy to deal with. You are so helpful. You are just fantastic!”

Karla Eldridge, Finance Officer
Mossman Support Services
(Formerly Douglas Shire Community Services Association Ltd)

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