Why choose CBB for aged care consulting?

We’re the right people to help you navigate the changing aged care sector.

CBB’s Business Consultants have worked with not for profit aged care providers for years, providing us with a wealth of knowledge and insight about the sector. However, the recent findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety have brought about significant change – so we’re making it our mission to ensure organisations within the sector can adapt and thrive.

Our aged care consulting services are designed to support not for profit organisations to harness new opportunities and develop business capabilities. We can support organisations who are only just starting out in aged care service provision, and those who already operate in the sector but need support to adapt or grow.

We have extensive experience with supporting organisations through similar transitional periods. For years, our Consultants have helped service providers Australia-wide with their transition to the NDIS. Our work spanned everything from strengthening business models in alignment with sector priorities, through to designing customer-centered and profitable services around fixed price guides – all through a lens of empowering customers to exercise choice and control.

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Our methodology

Our Business Consultants take the time to fully understand your organisation, tailoring their approach and ensuring the right foundations are in place for you to respond to the aged care sector environment.

We aim to form a relationship with your organisation, not a dependency. Our Business Consultants work alongside your team, developing their ability to manage the organisation long into the future.

Our success isn’t just measured by the work we do as consultants; we focus on making an impact within your organisation. After all, one size doesn’t fit all – and we wouldn’t want it to.


Our services

Whether you are an aspiring aged care provider, or already providing aged care services, our services are designed to help.

Governance review

Is your governance truly up to task?

Aged care service delivery is complex, with provider boards having governance responsibility over the safety and wellbeing of clients, the financial sustainability of the business, workforce wellbeing, and a wide range of compliance issues. The Aged Care Royal Commission has recommended that provider boards have independent board membership with a suitable range of professional skills.

Our governance review involves an anonymous survey and qualitative one-on-one interviews with board directors and the CEO to understand governance capabilities and challenges. Then, we conduct an objective review of your governance policies to help you to identify your strengths as a board, any gaps in skills, and areas for improvement. We can then work with your decision makers to develop a plan that addresses these gaps and improvement areas to strengthen your approach to governance.

Key leadership imperatives

Equip your leaders with the right skills to navigate the changing sector

We may not know the details of what will change as a result of the Royal Commission, but it’s safe to assume that change is inevitable. However, we understand that change is contextual – exactly how your organisation needs to prepare for and manage change will be unique to you.

CBB’s Business Consultants will work with your executive team to identify the key leadership capabilities required to successfully transform your organisation, while continuing to offer safe and valuable aged care services. Based on your needs and identified growth areas, we’ll work with you to create a plan to strengthen leadership capability in managing – and sustaining energy – through corporate change.

Planning and managing change

Plan an effective response to the Royal Commission’s recommendations

The Commission’s recommendations are far reaching and, if adopted, will require transformational change on the part of aged care providers. The sheer scale of these changes may leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially because your whole organisation will no doubt be affected.

CBB consultants will work with you to understand what the Commission recommendations mean for your business, and map and prioritise key areas for improvement. We take a holistic approach to change, considering the dependencies between different areas and the downstream impacts on other parts of the business; with these in mind, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored action plan that identifies resources and timelines. We’ll also consider the ‘people’ aspects of change, including how best to engage your employees and stakeholders. Once you have your agreed plan in place, we will coach you through the process of delivering the plan, supporting your team to navigate challenges and roadblocks on the way.

Learning and development planning

Develop a dynamic team with the right skills to provide safe, quality services.

The Royal Commission has identified a need to evaluate the suitability and capability of your current workforce to deliver safe and effective person centred care.

Future requirements are expected to include regulations around worker screening, mandatory training, and compliance with a code of conduct. We will work with you to review your current recruitment and selection practices, worker screening and onboarding processes, and arrangements for ongoing training of your workforce. Plus, we look at your record keeping processes to evidence screening, qualifications and training completion.

Based on this review, we will work with you to create a tailored learning and development plan that identifies actionable next steps to address some of the specific areas identified by the Royal Commission, including person centred care, dementia care, palliative care, and culturally safe practices, so you can ensure your people are qualified and competent where it counts.

Customer journey mapping

Provide a person-centred customer experience at all levels of service design and delivery.

The Aged Care Royal Commission stresses a need to renew the focus on your clients’ choice and control. CBB’s Business Consultants will help you undertake the necessary work to understand and improve your customer journey.

We’ve learned that customers initially stick with what is familiar but will eventually exercise greater choice and control when it comes to selecting and moving providers and services (just look at the NDIS). So, it is incredibly important to offer a positive customer experience: this will be a strong driver of your future performance and ongoing sustainability.

Through analysis of your current customer-facing systems and processes, our Consultants will help you identify areas for improvement that will enhance your customers’ experience. This includes workflow, data collection, and marketing and communications messages needed at each stage of the customer journey.

Free aged care consultation

Start improving your aged care services today. Book a meeting with a CBB Business Consultant – it’s free, because we are committed to supporting our fellow not for profits.

Have you seen our collection of free resources?

In addition to our consulting services, CBB offers a range of free resources ideal for small to medium aged care organisations.

Free business resilience toolkit

Developed especially for small to medium not for profits, our business resilience toolkit provides a series of succinct videos, articles, and templates that help you improve key aspects of organisational resilience: business model, financial management, and risk management.

Many of these resources are highly relevant to the changing aged care sector – explore topics such as service design and distribution channels, billing, cash reserves, and business continuity plans to overcome a crisis.

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