As part of our commitment to support the not for profit sector, CBB’s senior consultants have begun developing a range of handbooks to inform and assist organisations within the sector. Our handbooks are linked to our series of monthly Foreword blogs, where our consultants share their thoughts and experience on topics such as people and culture, marketing and change. Our current handbooks explore the areas of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and change management:

Will NDIS turn your organisation upside down?

Written by Brendon Grail, this handbook contains a series of articles to inform NDIS providers about what to do to mitigate the risks of NDIS and how to make the most of their opportunities. Topics include mapping out your business model and understanding your market, as well as looking at financials and how to generate revenue.

Managing change: A close look at organisational change

A new state of normal has crept into our lives – it’s the realisation that ‘change’ is ever-present and is here to stay. Older generations are experiencing change fatigue as our younger generations see it as business as usual (BAU). Having both these attitudes existing in the same workforce is a challenge facing most leaders. In this handbook, Andrea Collett takes a close look at organisational change, with a focus on challenges facing the leadership team, communicating visions, dealing with resistance and understanding emotions.

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