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At our first ExecNet breakfast series for 2017, we explored how to make marketing happen in your not for profit (NFP). Whether you were able to join us or not, here are the top five pieces of advice we took away from our expert speakers: Heather Smith (Management Committee Member, CORENA), Evelyn O’Loughlin (CEO, Volunteering […]

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting and Business Services We’ve seen a digital revolution in the last 20 years, and in 2017 we’re on the brink of a new wave of change. Automation is taking on more and more complex tasks. Driverless cars are on our doorstep, with large-scale trials currently underway in the United […]

By Ron Yates, Senior Financial Consultant What role does your finance manager (or person responsible for your finances) serve on your leadership team? Are they ‘just a bean-counter’, watching the budget, worrying about revenue and keeping expenses down, or do they play a more strategic role? The role of your most senior finance employee is […]

In the not for profit sector, our workforce is our biggest asset – and labour costs are our biggest expense. So it makes sense that protecting that asset – and getting the best return on your expenditure – should be a high priority for NFP leaders. Failure to recognise this priority by not considering the […]

By Ron Yates, Senior Financial Consultant I saw some promotional material recently that asked if your board knew the difference between cash and profit. The question gave me cause for concern. Not for profit (NFP) boards hold ultimate responsibility for the financial viability of their organisations so, while this is clearly a legitimate question, such […]

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting and Business Services Like many of us, you may be sighing in relief that 2016 is over, but anxious to understand what the long-term implications will be. In particular, whether the shock results of the Brexit vote and American presidential elections will be mirrored in other countries, or at […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant Being a leader can be lonely, particularly in times of rapid change. Our greatest fears are centred on issues of losing trust, respect and integrity with our followers, our board members, our clients and ourselves. It is a complicated dance with no set moves, arena, audience or reliable outcomes. The […]

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting & Business Services It appears to be awards season… I’m not just thinking about the big budget, high profile film releases that herald the run up to the Oscars, more the steady stream of news that so-and-so has won such-and-such award alongside a couple of personal connections. CBB is involved as […]

By Marissa Brown, General Manager, Marketing & Community Engagement As some of you may know, in 2016 Community Business Bureau (CBB) celebrates 21 years as a not for profit social enterprise (read more about our history here), and we felt that this ‘coming of age’ deserved a fresh new look. You’ll notice that our new brand […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant You’ve advertised, shortlisted, planned and worked through the interview stage, and you have finally identified your preferred candidate(s). You now turn your attention to completing the referee checks and eagerly pick up the phone to ask your questions. This is where we need to take a breath, put the phone […]