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In Darwin last week Tony Burns, CEO of Telstra NT Business of the Year (2016) Helping People Achieve (HPA) and our Senior Marketing Consultant Meg Drechsler co-presented at our Community ExecNet event, Just do it: How to make marketing happen for your NFP. Meg and Tony’s brief was to inspire the audience to ‘make marketing […]

By Ron Yates, Senior Financial Consultant Over the past few months, we’ve written about the financial skills you need at board, leadership and finance team levels. These financial skills aren’t simply nice to have, they are integral to running a successful NFP. While there is a cost associated with getting your financial resourcing right, this […]

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting and Business Services Over the last few years there has been a shift gaining momentum in the corporate world. Business leaders are taking a more active role in philanthropy, beyond novelty cheques, media opportunities and one-off donations. Delivering social value alongside commercial value is now  being woven into the […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to get a full understanding of a complex issue.  So why use words?  When our performance is not reaching the right heights, then maybe we can look at mathematics to help us.  Try this on for size – your comments and insights are […]

By Ron Yates, Senior Financial Consultant What does your finance team look like? Some of you might be asking ‘what team?’ As a core cost that is rarely funded under grant programs, financial management is often an ‘add-on’ to another admin role within small organisations, whilst larger, complex not for profits often have a full […]

By Marissa Brown, General Manager Marketing and Community Engagement Community Business Bureau recently underwent a mammoth exercise – to completely rebrand our 21-year-old organisation. And, like most not for profits, there were limits to how much of our precious budget we could afford to spend on a makeover. Oh, and we had to do most […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant There’s been a lot of chatter around the value of the job description (JD) as a human resource management (HRM) document. This chatter mostly centres on its current value and whether workplaces are sophisticated enough to do away with them completely. And it is often linked with the call to […]