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You have probably read about the importance of the Board’s role when it comes to providing oversight of risk management in an organisation. But how do you do this practically? What sorts of activities are common to organisations that have a mature approach to risk governance? Boards play a key role in overseeing the culture, […]

For many organisations a great deal of thought and effort goes into planning an upcoming financial year. Strategic plans are reviewed, meetings are held and budgets are prepared. With so much effort put into looking forward, it is equally important to look back and review the financial year that has just passed. When reviewing financial […]

What were you hoping that 2020 would be about? What did your strategic plan or business plan say that you wanted to achieve this year? What underlying assumptions did you have in the strategic plan that no longer hold true? I saw a statistic recently that 82% of the time a strategy fails can be […]

Strategy needs space In an interview the productivity consultant David Allen said that strategic thinking does not require large amounts of time (Clark, 2015).  More importantly, it’s space that allows innovative ideas and decisions that will guide the future direction of your not for profit. Being strategic is one of the most important behaviours that […]

The final version of the NDIS Price Guide 2020-21 (Version 1.0) effective from 1 July 2020 has been released. The 102 page document reflects the outcomes of the Annual Price Review. The most significant recommendation in the review is the advice that the NDIS should not increase prices due to the uncertainty of COVID-19. The […]

We recently ran a grant program for community organisations, offering 20 places on a ‘Working Mind’ program to apply mindfulness and neuroscience practices to organisational leadership in a VUCA environment. We opened the program to organisations who had been particularly impacted by COVID 19. Unsurprisingly, the program was oversubscribed. The applicant organisations were diverse – […]

Does this sound like you or your organisation?….. We’ve got a risk register and mitigation plans. We report to the Board on risk every meeting. We’ve got dozens of procedures that help us with compliance and work health safety. We’re accredited to the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding standards and maybe even another different accreditation body […]

Everyone has probably heard of a SWOT analysis, and most people have done one before. A SWOT can be a great way to quickly summarise many of the key issues that need to be considered in the strategy process. In a SWOT, the strengths and weaknesses are looked at in terms of the organisation’s internal […]

Data visualisation will change your life and there’s a very good chance that it already has. Start-ups will talk about “hockey stick growth” and you’ve no doubt heard the term “flattening the curve”. Both terms refer to data visualisation and quite simply the insights that are drawn from being able to see past a mass […]

Posted on 28 April 2020 On 25 March and 30 April the NDIA updated the NDIS price guide (Version 2.3) to help NDIS providers during the COVID 19 crisis. The changes include price increases, changes to cancellation rules and charges, and increased access to Support Coordination for all participants. The changes will be in place […]