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October 2020 When you want to check the financial performance of an organisation, the first and most obvious indicator is profitability. Even in the ‘not for profit’ sector, profit is the key indicator of financial performance – has the organisation operated within its income for this and the most recent years?  Has it generated a […]

October 2020 Being disabled you are in the hands of others and if those hands aren’t kind what an awful world it must be. (Henrietta Spink) Ann Marie Smith’s death was a shocking case of abuse and neglect and, as the independent investigations have confirmed, also a failure of the system. The review of the […]

October 2020 Strategy retreats and planning days that start from a ‘blank sheet of paper’ and focus on ‘blue sky thinking’ can get lost in the optimism of what might be possible, and lose sight of the operational issues present which can hinder that achievement. Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives, and so […]

October 2020 A strong and effective management system is one of the best methods of risk mitigation in a business – as well as a driver of improved organisational performance. The management system is made up of the different policies, procedures and forms which describe  the way that things should be  done in your organisation. […]

September 2020 When setting the budget, one thing you are never going to get perfect is for the actual revenue and expenses to precisely hit the budget that you set. There will always be items that are under budget and others that are over budget. Inherent in the budgeting process is that there are a […]

September 2020 In an inclusive society, people with disabilities are able to take part in the same activities as anyone else. If we successfully removed barriers and integrated everyone into social and recreational activities we would need less disability specific community participation supports. There have been calls to reduce the incentives for disability providers to […]

September 2020 Choosing the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) may seem overwhelming, but the right metrics, and subsequently the measuring and reporting of those metrics, can provide enormous value to not for profit leaders and their boards. The right KPIs can have the ability to provide meaningful insights at a glance, which is particularly useful […]

September 2020 “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. Sun Tzu from The Art of War In recent months, we have shared articles that help you to understand yourself, your organisation and its market position with tools like SWOT and SOAR and Understanding your […]

It seems everything we read at the moment is talking about the global pandemic, technology changes, disruption, innovation and “pivoting” strategy. In the pandemic, gin companies have shifted to making sanitiser and restaurants have moved to a takeaway product offering. But even before recent crises, there have been major shifts to disruptive technologies and business […]