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Organisations are in the business of providing products and services to consumers, who in turn, provide organisations with currency to continue their work.  Most products and services have a lifespan.  It is this lifespan that triggers our need to change what we do and the way we do things to remain relevant by satisfying emerging […]

In this, the final post in our series on content marketing we explore five simple things NFPs can do to drive results from content marketing. If you’ve read our previous posts, you’ll already know what you need to do to harness the power of great content to promote your organisation’s mission and activities using the […]

Content marketing for ‘for purpose’ organisations is all about offering value via your marketing content – exchanging something people value for the right to start a relationship. Non-profit organisations exist to serve people before profit. But competition for funding is getting tighter. To keep helping the people who need you most, you need a sustainable […]

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” (Charles Darwin) Think about the last time you resisted a change that was either thrust upon you or took you by surprise.  How did you react?  What range of emotions did you experience?  How strong were […]

Some of the statistics about fundraising might surprise you. Most Australian not for profits aren’t earning their primary income from donations. According to the ACNC, in Australia, only 8 percent of charity income comes from donations and bequests. 41 percent comes from government grants, and 50 percent is from other sources including the sale of […]