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It seems everything we read at the moment is talking about the global pandemic, technology changes, disruption, innovation and “pivoting” strategy. In the pandemic, gin companies have shifted to making sanitiser and restaurants have moved to a takeaway product offering. But even before recent crises, there have been major shifts to disruptive technologies and business […]

With COVID-19 forcing us to adapt to home working, cloud based technology has never been more popular and it’s likely that it’s made its way into your accounting software. Whether you’re a new user or an old hand, it’s worth checking whether you’re getting the maximum benefit from your cloud accounting solution. Like many software […]

My insurer has asked if we have a risk management policy – where do we start? Does this sound familiar? Or maybe you have one and it is that time of the year to review it again. Or perhaps the health and economic crisis flowing from COVID-19 has you looking at the risk policy again […]

A Victorian-based disability sector operator wanting to help people with disability explore some of the nation’s most remote locations and another keen to establish accommodation for younger people with early onset dementia are among eight organisations across the nation set to receive a competitive industry edge. As part of its Federally funded interactive learning program, […]

In business – as in life – context is everything. And when writing a strategic plan, it is important firstly to have a thorough understanding of the market context. At CBB, we believe that the most important part of writing the strategic plan is to begin with a thorough understanding of the market. That also […]