Executive coaching and mentoring

What is executive coaching?

Executive Coaching is a highly individual and personalised program which has maximum flexibility of which the goals, content and outcomes are client centred and directed to meet the participant’s needs. Executive Coaching is built on the relationship between Coach and participant to work together on aspects of performance, attitude and/or motivation identified by the participant.

Why do executives seek executive coaching?

Although needs vary, generally Executives seek Coaches out to help them draw out their own skills and enhance or develop these skills because this cannot be achieved in group training or management courses. Executives may have no other appropriate source of mentoring or advice about performance generally or a specific issue which may have arisen, or an event which may be about to occur.

How does executive coaching work?

The process will usually begin with an intensive discussion about expected outcomes and goals identified by the participant with negotiation about the best approach to use to achieve these outcomes. It is likely that a series of 1:1 sessions will be mapped out over a specified time frame – which is under constant review.

Many participants choose to begin the program by undertaking relevant psychological assessment instruments to learn more about themselves from an objective viewpoint which can be incorporated into the initial phase of gaining an enhanced and shared understanding of ‘self’. This assessment phase assists the Coach to identify the most effective way forward.

Subsequent sessions usually focus on work-based issues and goals or specific events identified by the participant. Frequently this may involve work-based activities and tasks which are undertaken by the participant and discussed before and afterwards with the Coach.

Contact between Coach and Participant by email, telephone, voice over internet, etc., in between face to face sessions is encouraged.

Sometimes participants are linked with other Executives through:

  • individual introductions by the Coach, or
  • joint Executive Coaching sessions with one or more other Executives, or
  • joining Executive Peer Group Mentoring events or networks.

Such linkages tend to occur later in the Coaching process however may be suited to individual participants at any time.

In some instances, participants achieve the desired outcomes, terminate Coaching and later return for review and consolidation sessions at a later date.

How long does it take?

The length of sessions, the number of engagements and elapsed time over which Executive Coaching may take place is variable according to need. Typically there are five stages: Goal setting; Understanding oneself better; Identifying strategies; implementation; and Review.

Want to know more?

Andrea Collett is our resident executive coaching and mentoring expert and is happy to discuss yours or your team’s needs. Contact her via email or call 1300 284 364.