Kerrie Ashcroft

Kerrie specialises in the area of organisational learning and leadership development.  She is a skilled facilitator with a passion for helping leaders learn how to lead in complex change environments, developing new competencies and forms of mind to meet the challenges of the future and to create safe and creative working spaces.  She provides support for leaders and teams at all levels, through individual and team coaching engagements, facilitating leadership development programs, and short programs to build specific capability and team culture.

Kerrie attended the Oxford Mindfulness Centre’s Summer School where she saw first-hand the research evidence on the impact of mindfulness practices in the medical, child development, and in organisational health and performance. She is now training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life, and has partnered with Awaris to run the ResilientMind Program.

She is a Certified Growth Edge Coach with Cultivating Leadership and combines this knowledge of adult development theory with the use of The Leadership Circle suite of tools to assist leaders in identifying their strengths and growth edge; coaching to develop their capability to work with complexity.  She has a strong strategic mindset, assisting leaders and their teams to develop effective strategy within an environment of high uncertainty and volatility.

Kerrie has a corporate business background, having led the learning and development function for a major US IT services’ company.  In this role she was responsible for the learning strategy and implementation of development for leadership, professional and technical staff across the Asia Pacific region, adapting the learning to diverse cultures and business needs.

In New Zealand she worked for a state-owned-enterprise and implemented a number of nationwide change programs across government departments.  She worked in the United Kingdom in leadership roles for over five years.

Kerrie latest research is in the link between adult development, mindfulness and emerging self-managing organisational structures, such as Holocracy and Teal Organisations as described by Frederic Laloux.