Bruno Delgadinho – Manager, IT Services

Bruno has over 26 years of experience in the information technology industry, managing IT systems and telecommunications infrastructures.

He has been with CBB since 2006 and been involved in the long term development of CBB’s IT and telecommunications’ capability including such projects as: CBB’s intranet portal and customer relationship management (CRM) software implementations, customer care helpline phone systems and dashboard reporting. Bruno has also ensured CBB’s IT business systems’ continuity through the introduction of in-depth onsite and offsite redundancy and disaster recovery strategies using the latest virtualisation technologies.

Having previously managed the IT infrastructure of a national retail chain of stores, Bruno travelled frequently to personally ensure the consistency and reliability of systems across a national-wide linked network.

Bruno has also worked as a sole trader launching businesses online, with the latest web and graphic designs, and integration of e-commerce technologies, resulting in an increase in business growth and productivity.

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