Peer networking worth its weight in gold

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a professional online presence, you could be missing out on some valuable career or sector information. To keep in touch with the latest news, what your contacts or competitors are doing and to join discussion groups with like-minded individuals, consider having a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn isn’t just a place to find a job. Its importance goes further than that. It has been specifically designed for the business community, so if you’ve been hesitant to be part of it, here’s a couple of reasons why you should reconsider.

You’ll be amazed at what you can find out

It’s a great way to get the latest industry news. Your connections, generally from your current industry or sector, will be posting articles and updates, and sharing content from the people or organisations that they are interested in. These appear in your news feed so it’s an excellence source of current information.

More connections could mean more opportunities

The more people that you connect with, the more business opportunities can arise. A business may advertise a tender or one of your connections might post an article about a project they are working on or a training program they’re involved with.  Any of these could mean opportunities for you and your organisation.

Find out more about prospective employers

LinkedIn is also a great place to research organisations. Most companies will have a page where they post updates and company news. You can also find out from looking at their connections who is employed there.

Sharing your point of view and teaching others

There are many public and private LinkedIn Groups that you can join. Think of these as virtual meeting rooms (or forums). These groups are great for people with shared interests, so you can share and grow your expertise and extend your network.

We’ve put this into practice with the launch of CBB’s NDIS Success program. NDIS Success aims to increase the supply of NDIS services in communities and will be delivered via webinars and online resources.

The NDIS Success LinkedIn group will allow participants to share their thoughts and ideas, offer assistance and ask for help from their peers. Following each webinar during the program, registrants will also visit the NDIS Success LinkedIn group to ask questions and share ideas on what they’ve learnt or need clarification on. This peer networking is a very valuable way to progress everyone’s knowledge on the provision or expansion of their NDIS services.

If you’re now convinced you should have a profile, head to and enter your email address and set a password. We recommend using your personal email address instead of your current work address. This will save you having to update your profile if and when you change jobs.

Follow the prompts to setting up your account. It’s not an arduous process and won’t take long to set up.

LinkedIn community of users illustration

When your profile page is activated, it will start prompting you to more information about yourself and to build your network. Depending on the information you added when you first registered, LinkedIn will make suggestions about who to follow. It’s up to you what to include.

LinkedIn’s research has shown that some people chose not to include a photo because they are worried they will be discriminated against, however their data shows that profiles with a photo are more likely to be viewed by others. If you’re looking to promote yourself, a photo is a good idea.

Hot tip – when you click to view someone else’s profile, they will be notified that you viewed it. You can turn this off by going to “Me”, Settings & Privacy, and Profile Viewing Options.

And now you’re set. This is a basic introduction to LinkedIn and Groups and their purpose, but there are many different options for privacy and viewing so log in and look around. Visit your home page regularly (news feed) to see what your connections are up to. The more you use it the more beneficial you’ll find it.

Don’t forget to register for NDIS Success and join the NDIS Success LinkedIn Group to get expert advice from our Business Consultants.

Kirsten Tait
Marketing Officer
Phone: 1300 763 505