Thinking for Change part two – finding inspiration

Welcome to the second in our series on different ways to think about marketing. Last time we looked at a simple technique to help you find new opportunities by playing with the rulesfinding inspiration
This month it’s a short blog, with a simple message – one of the best ways to grow your marketing muscle is to develop your understanding of people.

Reading and watching widely across all of the humanities can really help to level up your marketing mind – after all, marketing is really about people and design. Understand more about how people tick and you’ll be better placed to work with marketing’s mechanics to create value for the humans you care about.

Here’s two of my favourite sources:

  1. – two of my faves are these talks from Joseph Pine on What Consumers WantDerek Sivers on How to Start a Movement (under 2 mins!), or try searching the playlists on social good, Inc
  2. – Maria Popova’s blog is “An inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness, spanning art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more.” This week’s post – Anton Chekhov’s 6 rules for a great story – could be equally applied to rules of a great brand story.

Do you have a favourite source of human insight? Share it in the comments!

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