Are you in sync with your recruitment agency? Four questions to ask

Whether you’ve used recruiters for years or are just venturing into outsourcing, it’s good business practice to ensure that the service you receive reflects your organisation’s needs as well as the greater aspirations of the nfp sector. To help you make the right decision, here are four mission critical questions we suggest you ask when engaging an executive recruiter.

1. How is the recruitment fee structured?

Recruiting for high level positions can be one of your largest operating expenditure decisions, so you can’t afford to get it wrong. Paying for executive recruitment is sometimes viewed as a “necessary evil” – it’s universally expensive and is rarely included in contingency budgets. If you don’t have the recruitment expertise in-house or require an objective perspective, or simply don’t have time to manage the process, then you need to manage the risk of outsourcing as well as manage any unplanned expenditure.

For years the recruitment industry has operated on an antiquated “percentage of salary” professional fee. The problems with this (aside from any ethical objections you may have) are that the more senior the position, the more it will cost you to fill, and it also makes outsourcing executive recruitment out of reach for organisations with smaller budgets. And remember – steep recruitment fees are not “insurance” against a bad result.

2. Do they actually understand the not-for-profit sector?

Is the recruiter all things to all people, or do they specialise in not-for-profit sector recruitment?  As we know, the sector has its unique challenges, not least of all attracting and recruiting experienced executive leaders. Make sure your recruiter understands your critical success factors when recruiting for your organisation. Better still, test them out. Ask them what you think they should be or wait for them to ask you what your critical success factors are. This will provide an indication of their service levels and understanding of the challenges that you face.

3. How do they assess cultural fit?

There is general consensus in the sector that recruiting for cultural fit is a must-have. However, knowing and doing are two different things. Assessing cultural fit requires a model that uncovers, identifies and matches key drivers of your culture. Ask your recruiter what their model is based on before you engage their services.

4. Which recruitment and interviewing practices do they use?

Recruiting for performance and cultural fit requires a range of contemporary recruitment, interviewing and onboarding practices. Ask your recruiter which techniques and models they use to draw out the responses you need from candidates. What other services do they offer that will give you confidence in making the right appointment?

Making the right choice

Recruiting or replacing executive leaders in the not-for-profit sector is challenging on a number of fronts. So when you need to recruit your next executive, pick up the phone, then STOP before you dial the first firm that you think of, and call CBB about your requirements.

  1. Our professional fees are fixed regardless of the position/salary of the vacancy.
  2. As a social enterprise, CBB are part of the sector and we work exclusively with not for profits, so we understand the challenges.
  3. We include globally recognised assessments for every executive vacancy, to identify and match cultural fit. Our assessments are included in our fixed fees.
  4. We will help you decide which of the many contemporary interviewing practices will best serve you in finding the right person.

So, if you think there’s nothing new in executive recruitment, think again! CBB offers an executive recruitment solution focused on quality and value for money. We earn the right to partner with you to ensure the right fit: fit for your culture, fit for your business and fit for the sector.

Andrea Collett
Senior HR Consultant
Phone: 1300 284 364