Governing (and tweeting) for maximum impact

by Marissa Brown, Manager, Marketing & Strategic Development

Last week Jane Arnott and I attended the 10th Annual Better Boards Conference in Melbourne. We were there representing CBB as a trade exhibitor, and we also had the chance to attend many of the conference sessions.

The theme was Game-changing moves: Governing for maximum impact. The impressive speaker line-up from Microsoft, Deloitte and AusPost covered themes including the exponential growth of digital, customer co-design and enabling employee innovation.

As a marketer it’s important that I practise what I preach marketing-wise, so I always live tweet from events I attend through the @CBB_Community Twitter account. Not only is this best practice from a digital marketing perspective, it’s also a handy way to take notes. So in this article I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone: 1) an illustration of how to effectively tweet at events; and 2) CBB’s top Twitter takeaways from the Better Boards Conference 2016.

On digital disruption

  • Digital assistants are a thing of the very near future. Huge potential for many disadvantaged in our society #betterboards @sarahvaughan
  • The modern workplace is changing – 40% of desks are empty @sarahvaughan #betterboards
  • By 2025 we will all be carrying the equivalent of a human brain in our pockets @philmorle @pollenizer #betterboards

On innovation

  • “If you want to think outside the box, don’t create one in the first place.” Looking forward to @rexster presentation #betterboards
  • Implementation of innovation is ten times harder than coming up with the idea @psteeley @donkeywheelhse #betterboards
  • De-risk innovation by ‘not betting the house’ on an innovation project. Go with a small bet <$10k first. @amantha #betterboards

On enabling innovation in our organisations

  • Creative capacity not productive efficiency: the 21st century organisation @andrewwalduck @auspost #betterboards
  • If the currency is learning rather than failing or succeeding, you can keep people motivated @philmorle @pollenizer #betterboards
  • Heirarchy is dead and kills innovation @andrewwalduck @auspost #betterboards

This is just a small excerpt from the CBB Twitter feed over the three-day conference, which delivered a healthy bump in Twitter followers and huge engagement from across the Twittersphere.

The benefits of Twitter and how to integrate this powerful social media platform into your social media strategy is worthy of another article, so I will revisit that topic in another edition of Foreword.

In the meantime, if you’d like advice on how to make the most of Twitter, drop me a line or get in touch with CBB’s Marketing Consulting Team who deliver Twitter training and develop social media strategies for not for profits via or by calling 1300 284 364.

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