How to get your team singing from the same songbook

Teams singing from the same songbook.

I was having an interesting conversation this morning with a colleague about why some teams just seem to work, while other teams simply become a collection of individuals that occupy the same physical space. It’s the age old question with no simple answer. However, this morning we came to an interesting conclusion. The issue may not lay with the team members or the team itself – the issue may be with the way the team is led. So okay – let’s all sit back and blame our managers and leaders – after all they are an easy target right?

Our conclusion was that there is a shared responsibility between individuals AND their leaders.

There is a need to understand what makes each of us ‘tick’.  Essentially we are talking about having some insight into the personalities represented and the way they prefer to tackle their world of work. We all work differently – we know this. But acknowledging something and actually doing something about it are two different things.

Ask yourself, can you identify the type of personalities that exist in your team? Can you identify your own? How do these differences create harmony and encourage creativity? How do they create tension and conflicts? Most importantly, how will you use this to highlight the team’s strength and not expose its weaknesses?

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