Unlock the power of ‘starting with why’

Now more than ever, it is vital for Not for Profits to understand how to market themselves to consumers. And by ‘market’, we don’t mean jazzing up your website and setting up social media. We mean creating strategies that truly connect with your target audiences to create authentic and lasting relationships.

Digging for gold

First made popular by internationally renowned consultant and speaker, Simon Sinek, at CBB we use the ‘Golden Circle’ concept to unpack our clients’ why, how and what.
For most this is a completely different way of thinking about marketing – which traditionally starts with telling people what you do (nice to know), how you are different (OK, but is that really different to any other NFP?), then maybe a little about why you exist (tacked onto the end or hidden on the history page of the website).

The Golden Circle inverts this approach to create a simple yet powerful marketing message.

Getting to why

Starting with why instantly sets you apart. Tell someone what your core belief is (whether in conversation or on your website), and they’re significantly more interested from the get go. Even better, if it’s what they believe, then you’ve got them hooked.

The good news is that landing on the why message is actually quite easy, because it’s usually found in your mission statement. Many NFPs we work with end up tweaking the mission statement to create a more concise why message, but more often than not it is grounded in the organisation’s core purpose (and if it’s not, there’s some serious work to be done!).

Making it happen

If you’d like more information on using the Golden Circle concept to create powerful marketing messages for your NFP, contact our marketing consulting team on consulting@cbb.com.au or call 1300 284 364.

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