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By Juliet Pannozzo, Marketing Consultant For NFPs, annual reports provide powerful social and financial proof of an organisation’s existence, outlining past performance and future potential. Done well, they can lead to more funding and improved brand perception…if people actually read them! Unfortunately, the financial nature of annual reports often renders them boring and bland. If […]

CBB was pleased to support the Collins & Co NFP Conference on 17 March 2016. Our own Principal Consultant Wayne Turner was selected to speak at the event, which was held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and attended by over 200 delegates. Wayne’s presentation “Establishing an effective working relationship with your Board” delved into the […]

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting and Business Services The traditional model of proactive social change delivered by government and the Not for Profit sector, with some corporate philanthropy around the edges, has been slowing dying for some years now. Social enterprise, impact investment, venture philanthropy and plenty of other buzz words have been touted as […]

By Ron Yates, Senior Financial Consultant When reading reports, the key point for all organisations to be aware of is, are they trading legally or illegally, or in accounting terms, are they solvent or insolvent? Simply put, can your organisation pay its bills? Recently I reviewed an organisation whose Board had not received a balance […]

Let’s jump straight to the answer! You do not have to be a large organisation, you do not have to be a wealthy organisation, you do not have to be mature organisation and you do not have to have a large market presence. To have impact you DO need a positive response to these questions… Do you […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant As each organisation is different, so too are the people that your organisation attracts. If you want to develop your current workforce and attract the right people for the right jobs, you need to know who you are looking for and what skills are required, not only for today, […]

I was having an interesting conversation this morning with a colleague about why some teams just seem to work, while other teams simply become a collection of individuals that occupy the same physical space. It’s the age old question with no simple answer. However, this morning we came to an interesting conclusion. The issue may […]

An asset is something you own and a liability is something you owe, so how can a liability ever be turned into a asset or profit? Perhaps we should start by reviewing the following equations: More assets than liabilities = profit More liabilities than assets = loss More income than expenses = profit More expenses […]