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By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting and Business Services We recently held an ExecNet in Adelaide with the title of ‘Selling Without Selling Out’. The shift to fee for service funding – particularly in the NDIS and aged care environment – means that not for profits are having to engage with end consumers as the purchasing […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant Interesting research was recently published (26 July 2016) in the USA highlighting the reasons why not for profit employees quit their jobs. The research, undertaken by Unemployment Services Trust (UST), indicates that whilst we may be a hemisphere apart, the commonality in the conclusions was very close to our shores. Whilst […]

Unfortunately, fraud occurs in not for profit organisations far too often. Many studies have demonstrated that fraud is real and devastating to those affected. Fraud can occur in any NFP organisation with the perpetrator being undetected for quite some time. Often the fraud is only detected following either a financial abnormality being identified, OR the […]

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting and Business Services At the recent Third Sector Expo, one of the speakers asked for a show of hands to demonstrate people’s level of understanding of social finance. Given that the delegates were all sector professionals, I’m not sure whether I should be surprised or not at their self-professed limited […]

We’ve all visited confusing or annoying websites that made us leave as quickly as we arrived. This is incredibly damaging to a brand and, in some instances, it would be better to have no web presence at all. Unless your NFP runs like a global corporate, your organisation is probably incredibly under-resourced and if you’ve […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant How robust are your on-boarding practices? Do you have a systematic and logical series of events that help to socialise your new recruit? Is this balanced with clearly defined role and performance expectations? Does the process extend to the first 18–24 months? How do you integrate your performance review […]

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting and Business Services Not for profits have always been competing with each other – we compete for donors, for talent, for profile, for grants – but we often deny it. We like to think that we have a very collaborative culture – and we often do when it comes to […]

by Marissa Brown, Manager, Marketing & Strategic Development Last week Jane Arnott and I attended the 10th Annual Better Boards Conference in Melbourne. We were there representing CBB as a trade exhibitor, and we also had the chance to attend many of the conference sessions. The theme was Game-changing moves: Governing for maximum impact. The impressive […]

Since smartphones and tablets started appearing, organisations wanting to get ahead of the curve began adopting mobile friendly websites: sites that load fast and are easy to read on hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets. Essentially this all grew out of the desire to create a more favourable ‘user experience’. For many NFPs, just […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant I am often asked for advice from job seekers about which questions to ask their prospective employers. The one question I always recommend is asking the interview panel how it would describe the culture of the organisation. The panel’s responses usually provide the candidates with an insight into how […]