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By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting & Business Services It appears to be awards season… I’m not just thinking about the big budget, high profile film releases that herald the run up to the Oscars, more the steady stream of news that so-and-so has won such-and-such award alongside a couple of personal connections. CBB is involved as […]

By Marissa Brown, General Manager, Marketing & Community Engagement As some of you may know, in 2016 Community Business Bureau (CBB) celebrates 21 years as a not for profit social enterprise (read more about our history here), and we felt that this ‘coming of age’ deserved a fresh new look. You’ll notice that our new brand […]

By Andrea Collett, Senior HR Consultant You’ve advertised, shortlisted, planned and worked through the interview stage, and you have finally identified your preferred candidate(s). You now turn your attention to completing the referee checks and eagerly pick up the phone to ask your questions. This is where we need to take a breath, put the phone […]

Is your organisation’s governance focus strategic? Are the board and management aware of their need to drive the organisation’s strategic future through its vision, values, mission, policies, practices and processes? Strategic governance means strategic leadership. Strategic governance encompasses the processes by which an organisation is managed at a strategic level. Central to strategic governance are […]

By Jane Arnott, General Manager, Consulting & Business Services The ACNC is releasing a new ‘tick’ symbol this month. Charities registered with the ACNC will be able to use the tick to demonstrate compliance with the ACNC’s regulatory standards. This prompted some debate in the CBB office about the value of such symbols. My initial response to […]

By Rommie Corso, Senior Marketing Consultant One of the most basic (yet ignored) principles of marketing is “know thy target market”. For many NFPs, identifying ideal customers triggers a fear of ruling out possibilities. “Oh, but our customer-base is very broad, we have to appeal to everyone,” they’ll say. It’s a fatal mistake. When it comes […]

By Marissa Brown, General Manager, Marketing & Community Engagement Last week we hosted our inaugural October Business Month event in Darwin. Our topic was Thinking Commercially, Acting Benevolently. In the presentation we spoke about the raft of changes being experienced by the sector, shared some commercial ‘tough love’ (see here for more of our Tough Love […]

We are in control of all the risks, we know them all and we have strategies in place if they occur. There’s nothing we can’t handle. We have a risk minimisation/risk aversion position amongst our decision makers and the organisation has comprehensive policies and procedures in place that ensure we mitigate all risks. We have insurances […]

“We know we need to expand the marketing for our NFP but we don’t want to be pushy. Is this possible?” This has to be one of the most common questions we are asked by not for profit organisations (NFPs) when embarking on a new marketing plan or campaign. Even the words sales and marketing remind […]